In the Privacy Cookbook I have covered cellphones, PCs, even how to reinvent yourself to become more private. Not surprisingly, it can be a complex and confusing area and despite all the coverage in the mainstream media plus the regular warnings from decentralize.today (amongst others) on Mastodon and in the Privacy ...

What are you looking for? Are you someone who has already invested heavily in Apple? Are you comfortable with the trackers Apple and/or Google gives you? Are you on Social Media, and, most of all, are you afraid of what happens down the road with your data? Remember that what may be totally OK in today’s world might be not OK (or even legal) 10 years from now.


do privacy on privacy.do

Free-to-access, simple to use, concise but comprehensive, a site that provides all the insights and guidance you need to regaining and retaining your privacy online.

This site will always be a ‘work in progress’ for as long as the internet exists so please feel free to join in and help us grow.

Send your comments, suggestions, hints, cheats, code, programs, apps, articles and donations. Every step counts…

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