Hi all,

I have been made moderator for this community after I requested this.

However, I’m but a human too - and I already have enough to do, so I would like to spread the load as much as possible - not to mention that I’ll be on holidays soon.

In other words, I’m searching for some more people to man the ship!

To apply as moderator here, I’d like to be sure that you are well-embedded in the OSM-community and have the necessary skills. As lemmy is a mostly english-speaking community, you must have decent english skills.

Furthermore, some communication skills and discretion is necessary too. At last, a bit of time to regularly check the community here is necessary as well (I’m lacking the last thing a bit). Furhtermore, you’ll obviously need an account in the threadiverse. If you have an account (on another server), that should work. (I think one can moderate over server boundaries). If you don’t have an account yet, it might be a good idea to make one on lemmy.ml as that is the one hosting the community.

As many people discovered lemmy just recently, the useraccount here probably won’t have a lot of credit here. As such, you can: