The link right here goes to 40:02 of Proton’ boss on the TLE channel about Linux support, where a Drive Client is deemed so difficult to achieve that they don’t even have a roadmap for it. Nor is the word “Linux” featured anywhere on proton’s pages about Drive.


If I believe what I see on Lemmy, 99% of users here are on Linux, and the 1% remaining probably are just waiting on a Drive Linux Client to make the switch, right? Right?

Please take the survey and maybe mention politely our deep sorrow and profound distress.

The accompanying message says “Limited submissions. Respond now to ensure your voice is heard.”

Let’s go! Thanks!

    • ReallyZenOP
      2 months ago

      I am a full Proton paying customer too. At the time of signup, a Drive Linux client was supposedly next in line… There’s zero mention of it now. I need a VPN IRL and wasn’t keen on relying on a free plan where I was used to pay for one anyway. Aaaand I planned to move my emails of course since it’s in the bundle.

      I’d gladly uplift people and advocate for progress on the privacy and security fronts, invite world+dog to join but I can’t do it now in this situation. Linux users being underserved is how I feel.

      Mandatory “I use Arch BTW” mention.