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Once the threads are finished, it is now time to discuss how the megathread should be built. I apologize in advance for having forgotten to mention any apps for daily use. I noticed that I may have failed launchers or other useful apps for daily use. Still, the threads are open. Any suggestion are welcome. I would like to ask you to contribute with upvotes or downvotes in the comments that best suit your vision. All contributions are important.

Here, you can discuss and say your apps you may have forgotten -

Since English is not my native language, I will try my best to explain some details I want to discuss with the Lemmy community. If you don’t understand certain things, please tell me what you don’t understand, and I will do my best again.

So…… Lets begin………

  • I was thinking of opening three threads per year to update the megathread. Do you think that 3 times a year is enough (for example, once in January, once in June, and another one in December), or do you think I should open 5 to 6 times a year? | Poll here -

  • Tittle Im thinking: [Megathread] FOSS Apps — Lemmy Edition | You like? Or do you want another?

  • How do you prefer to divide the megathread? I’m thinking of dividing the threads into single topics, that is, intended for each type of app — for example, one part just for YouTube apps, another just for email apps, and so on. This is an example - | I guess it explains better what I’m talking about. How would you like to see the megathread?

  • I’m thinking of accepting only suggestions with two upvotes (or a difference with two upvotes) or above on previous threads. Do you think it’s fair, or should I accept all the suggestions given? | Poll here -

  • In the megathread, I will not accept app suggestions because, in this way, the topic will be clogged. However, I must remain open to important information and other things, as, for example, happened with Simple Mobile Tools, which was sold to a shady company. Of course, all suggestions are welcome, besides app suggestions. Your suggestions will be prompt and extremely useful when I open the threads to update the megathread.

TL;DR …. So far, I’m thinking this:

  • Open three-time-per-year threads to talk about new updates for MegaThread.
  • Divide all apps into specific categories.
  • Only accept suggestions with 2 upvotes or above.
  • Not accept suggestions on MegaThread and accept only tips and important information.

Tell me what you think. What you agree or/and disagree.

Lovely day for everyone!

    2 months ago

    I think 4 a year is better than 3. With 4, you can just do a quarterly thread, which is easier.

    I think the concept of megathreads could be executed a bit better. In the way it is suggested in the post, it’s only a poll about preferences and popular choices we all use anyway.

    I’m thinking about the idea to make a weekly category collection, where we can discuss specific things in more detail.
    E.g. “[Weekly thread] What browser do you use? (07/2024)”, where we can debate why one prefers Mull over Fennec, what problems we had with Vanadium, and so on.
    Or, what niche apps we found this month.
    Or, what FOSS app exceeds it’s proprietary counterpart.
    And so on, and so on. I can give you 20 topic suggestions in less than 2 minutes 😅

    This would generate much more engagement and value imo.

    And then, we can just simply link each weekly discussion in the quarterly mega thread with one bottom line each.
    In that way, everyone would have more resources to read further into, and it’s more organized.
    Also, this would prevent routine. We don’t need a “Which gallery app do you use, and why is it simple gallery?” every time. We can come up with many new ideas each week, and then, every megathread is different and still worth reading into a few years from now.

    Getting more than one vote is simple, too simple. It should be linked with why you think that way and use that tool.
    Lemmy is a discussion site, not one for popular opinions and polls. I think engagement is the highest priority, both for strengthening the community, and for the SEO to rank Lemmy higher than Reddit some time in the future 🙃

    And linking it to upvotes is bad, that’s not the purpose of them. We can still upvote suggestions we disagree with, but that are argued good and add value.

    Tittle Im thinking: [Megathread] FOSS Apps — Lemmy Edition | You like? Or do you want another?

    Not recognizable enough imo. It will go under in less than a year. What about
    [Megathread] Summary of your favourite FOSS Android apps | Community picks for Q3-2024!

    Feel free to discuss!

    • @dezOP
      2 months ago

      Hello mate. Probably you do not understand the context of my (cross-)post, and I need to say sorry.

      I did a cross-post to catch more opinions and suggestions about the megathread I will build. But I guess this was not a good idea since this has been under construction since January. However, you deserve an explanation.

      In January, I had the idea to create something with Lemmy’s daily-use FOSS apps to build something special for the final. Like a thing where everyone can see the most reliable apps from Lemmys users. I started the threads on ! and then, along time, opened threads to discuss some themes and apps related. You can see in this post all the threads created -

      During this time, these threads served as a fundamental piece to build the megathread, which will be shown at the end of this month. That’s why I created this topic today and these polls in order to get the megathread in the best way possible for all Lemmy communities.

      Once again, I need to apologize because this topic appeared here by parachute without having the slightest context behind it. What I can do is, at the end of the month, show the megathread that is being built. Given that I started at ! , it makes sense where it is when finished.

      Thank you for your comment, and sorry once again. Have a lovely day.