Most of my collection is just the movie rips of just the video that play fine in Plex or Jellyfin. I’ve got a couple of full disc rips though that have the menus and features and all just like you would if you put the disc in. I can open these in VLC on my computer by choosing the folder.

My living room setup is an Apple TV as the primary streaming device but I also have an Nvidia Shield pro and Google TV Chromecast.

Is there any way to stream these over the network into some kind of app on any of these devices?


After some looking around Kodi might be able to do what I want. Going to investigate further.


The Kodi repo with the required addon (HEVC kodi bluray addon) seems to be down, maybe permanently :/ Still looking for a solution

  • Arthur BesseA
    33 months ago

    There is a version of VLC for the Nvidia Shield, but it has a somewhat irritating UI and I don’t know if it can actually read the menus like the desktop version can.

    • @MeatsOfRage@lemmy.worldOP
      3 months ago

      Yea I tried this, I think the app versions of VLC only open single files, they didn’t port the open disc feature.