• Jo Miran
    33 months ago

    Your main job is to further your career. If you’re interested in a skill your choices are to convince your employer to engage in a project that requires that skill or train yourself and lie about your experience. My experience is in tech but both my wife and I started in finance. It was very clear that with our degrees we would achieve nothing so I put my PC skills and my piracy know how to work. I built our first home lab then and we’ve had one ever since. Even to this day we spin up proof of concept environments to “hands-on” and learn how certain products behave and interact. The point is that none of that shows well on a resume but your ability to speak on the subject does show during an interview. The resume is there just to get you to the interview, nothing more. If you have the know-how but not the corporate experience, lie.

    PS: Your employer will only give you a limited set of use cases for your skills or desired skills. You should always expand that on your own. It’ll make you more marketable than the competition.

    • lad
      13 months ago

      Yeah, the “lie about what you did, but only if have that experience firsthand” sounds much better strategy to follow, thanks for the explanation