Although we pirate for various reasons (ideology, no money to spend on entertainment, etc.) I wanted to know if the community actually donates money to any FOSS project? Nearly all of us use a torrent client based on libtorrent (qBit, Transmission, Deluge) or an open source Usenet client such as SABnzbd to consume our pirated content, yet I wonder, how many people here donate to FOSS projects?

I donated 15 euro to KDE in the past, as well as 10 euro to qBittorrent to keep the projects alive. I think that software that respects it’s users deserves to be rewarded for doing so. What is your opinion?

  • @gkd
    174 months ago

    Just as an aside, donating does not have to be monetary. Helping (if possible) with development, triaging issues or helping with support/forums of any kind, along with in general filing good issues goes miles for FOSS projects, especially larger ones with only a few developers.

    • Dieguito 🦝
      54 months ago

      Yes… especially for newborn project it’s quite difficult to find volunteers or people just wanting to help out, test, triage reports, etc.