Hi, as the title says I am looking for meme communities that share memes. My problem with lemmy (or reddits) main meme communites is that the memes are boring normal shit instead of gay boring normal shit. Mostly kidding but main meme subs are just bland and or basic observations about the world.

  • Hot Saucerman
    10 months ago

    I stopped talking to my friends because they all started seeming really annoyed hearing about my struggles with cancer. I know they’re going through their own problems as well, but it certainly made me feel like I was just a burden on them. I suppose I was right, because it’s been over six months and no one has reached out, including my oldest friend who just never responded to me when I told them I had cancer.

    I am dead weight, but that’s because of a sick fucking economic system that doesn’t care if I live or die.