As the title says, today I decided to permanently delete Instagram. Of course after 30 days lol, as Instagram makes you wait 30 days to delete your account (a queue). I mostly deleted Instagram, causes the direction the company is heading (Facebook/meta). It’s terrible that companies went from simply an app meant to share moments to big data analytics and finding a way to market you and your data. I also feel that big data social media brings a toxic atmosphere as it’s made that way, it’s made to get you addicted. Of course, I’ll still use social media such as pixelfed or something else to host my moments and travel with family. But I will definitely be limiting my use of big mainstream apps. As I’ve grown older, I mainly only use text message such as signal or iMessage for communication and YouTube/odysee for media consumption. An honestly I feel better after deleted the Instagram app, anyway thanks lemmy followers for listening to my story, and maybe it’ll inspire others.

My Instagram following was 10k+ so you could imagine it was hard, but followers don’t mean anything.


I deleted Instagram and my account using this guide

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