Tales of Computing

The Early History of Usenet (2019)

Written on its 40th anniversary, a 10-part blog series by Steven M. Bellovin about the first designs and implementations of Usenet, which he co-invented…

The History of Electronic Mail

Computer mail and messaging have probably been independently invented many times. I do not know who first invented these applications; I haven’t found any documented versions of computer mail that precede the one I helped create in 1965. This note describes my knowledge of the history of electroni…

A Disaster Foretold — And Ignored

A history of hacking group L0pht, their famous testimony to US Congress in 1998 where they claimed they could take down the internet in 30 minutes, and where the members ended up afterward. …

Good stories, bad hacks, interesting hardware/software, and the quirky people behind it all. Let’s sit back and enjoy this weird and wonderful vocation.

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