For the small web/weird web
Hunting the Nearly-Invisible Personal Websitepin

The personal website is a somewhat mysterious animal that lives mostly unobserved in the jungle of the Internet. A few inexperienced Internet users who live completely within the golden-walled gardens of Facebook and Google may not even be aware of the species’ existence. Other inexperienced users …

A static site generator, with RSS feed included using lowdown, sh, awk, sed and cat.

As promised, my site from before, stripped of assets. Now it is a simple static-site generation template, licensed CC0…

My statically generated site

I used to generate my website by piecing together html templates and pages. I stopped doing that and started using kcgi. …

Why there’s so little left of the early internet

It took nearly five years into the internet’s life before anyone made a concerted effort to archive it. Much of our earliest online activity has disappeared. …

snormal: a wonderfully normal social network

for all the bits that didn’t make it onto the highlight reel…

For the small web/weird web

    The small web and weird web are overlapping uses of the Worldwide Web that harkens back to Web 1.0: personally-owned and non-corporate domains, text-based, and interlinked with federation or webrings.

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