This is a site that aggregates a bunch of music best-of lists from approximately 100 sites, ranging from USA Today to AV Club to Paste to Decibel. Pretty mainstream I think, but a decent enough birds eye view of mainstream 2021 music lists…


Fogus: The best things and stuff of 2021

Michael Fogus’ 2021 list of best articles/talks, technical/non technical books, music and movies and programming languages…

The Ultimate Best Books of 2021 List - Reading All the Lists So You Don't Have to Since 2017

A review of 49 lists from 33 outlets, recommending more than 700 books, with 185 of them on multiple lists. This page filters them all down to the books that made the most best-of’s for 2021…

Year End Lists (Best of 2021 and previous years)

I think I should start with the meta, which begins with a site that aggregates 2021 best-ofs…

There is more to see, to do, to find, to learn. This community is for lists of all the things.

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