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So it’s better than ninite, which only does installation. In that it’s actually a proper package manager for Windows? Neat, I’m gonna keep this on hand for shilling to people, like “here, your system couldn’t even do package management so some random went and did it; or you could just use a real OS where this is inbuilt”.

Right, but that’s still beside the point. The point is that if they’re collecting obscene amounts of data to begin with, you should expect that they intend to use it for some ill, so you should avoid giving out that data in the first place. (Oh, or that someone will breach it.)

Check out #fvc, fedi vidya club. I host a bunch of game servers and gather people three nights a week to play. So far, it’s all FOSS games, and because I’m an upsidedownlander, it’s all in upsidedownland timezone. I’ve had a few people complain about that, so I told them to organise in a timeslot convenient for them, but nobody has done this yet. By the way, I tag a bunch of people as a reminderer, let me know if you’d like that.

The company famous for killing off projects, good and bad alike, kills off another project WHO COULD HAVE POSSIBLY SEEN THIS COMING

This sort of thing is difficult for me, because I’m working on something different every day, and kinda cycle through them. For example, in the last week I’ve solved two problems with my board game (and several more in discussion with my aunt and uncle), almost finished off the core of my chatlib (so soon I can focus on the matrix support for it, then masto/pleroma support, and that’s all I really want for my bots), set up another gameserver for #fvc… I still want to get back to writing stories, at some point. But I think I should give up on making a xianxia novel, and just reskin that idea to western fantasy.

It may come as a surprise to learn that large corporations break the law at every opportunity. “Don’t put yourself in a position that this will harm you” should not be controversial advice.

Calls matrix element You can safely disregard his opinion based on that alone. He gets basically every other detail about matrix wrong too. Everything he’s saying is pretty normie-tier takes anyway. Special mention to not acknowledging what a really fucking terrible idea giving out fone numbers is.

Pretty much all the comments there are pointing out that it’s not a good idea.

Oh right, framework. I should check in on them, see if they offer keyboardless systems.

Thinking about this more, I realised it’s impossible: The link might not even be a lemmy link at all! How am I meant to guess the other node’s API? I’d use federation API, I guess, which I still haven’t found nice docs for.

I'm not 100% certain that's the cause, but my testing so far suggests it's probably that. Basically if you have a URL that doesn't point to the original resource, but some copy of it on another instance, it won't resolve. So far I've only tested that on a third instance, but from my experience with the same bug on pleroma, this will occur even if you do it on the resource's origin instance. (fse post referred to from poa.st can't be resolved on fse.) As example: https://lemmy.perthchat.org/api/v3/resolve_object?q=https://lemmy.ml/post/472799. It's possible that this is actually just a federation block, but https://beehaw.org/post/125367/comment/32382 also fails, (and fetching that post works,) which I'm pretty sure isn't.

I'm designing an RPG based on the anime/manga Gunslinger Girl. Looking for testers - both who have and haven't seen/read it - though it's still very much an alpha so testing will mostly be "hey I want to screw around with X idea today". Timezone AEST but I keep weird hours. The current state of the rules is available at https://rakka.tk/static/misc/gsgrpg.7z, fair warning it's not very organised, I dumped it straight from my notes folder. For now I'm doing it on matrix, #gsgrpg:perthchat.org. I am not yet in the habit of checking lemmy notifications, bug @Zergling_man@birds.garden if you want my attention.