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  • I use it out of laziness. Despite all the shit they still have great customer service. About a year ago I ordered a £150 multi-tool and they accidentally sent me a £200 reciprocating saw. Due to a complicated living situation at the time it would have taken me about 6 months to send the wrong tool back so they just said I could keep it and refunded me so I could buy the other tool again.

    The other thing I like is that I’ll just see a price and buy it easily. I’ve often shopped around and found something cheaper but then the whole purchasing process is terrible. They add on a bunch of extra costs, then make me create an account, then add on more costs. By the end I could’ve paid less and got it quicker from Amazon. Not always the case but it happens often enough that I will just go to Amazon half the time.

    But I guess the main reason is that I hate being forced to create accounts and so many shops require that for no good reason.

  • I don’t get what’s firing up these anti-monarchy people. I don’t give a shit about the King or the royal family or anything but they wield absolutely no power, it’s a huge part of our culture and history, they bring money into the country, and many people love it. All they do is turn up at events and try to stop people enjoying themselves. There’s far more important things to be complaining about.

    That being said, I think he should have been allowed not to say that part, simply because it doesn’t matter.