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  • As in are they actively giving me money or helping me pay my bills? No

    But in the past they’ve helped in setting me up financially so that it was easy for me not to need their help. They made sure I started adulthood with no debt so I could start saving right away. And for my wedding present they gave me cash that massively helped my husband and I pay for our apartment’s down payment. We probably would have needed another 4-6 months to save up for that otherwise.

  • Anyone has the new MoYu Weilong V10? I just got the V9 in the past couple months so I have a slight regret that I won’t get to try their latest cube haha. But V9 is a great cube and I can consistently be slightly faster than I was before (was using Gan 11 or 12 I think). V9 is making me adjust my turning to be lighter but the magnets feel great for me.

  • Interesting that they’re skipping an episode for the live show, and instead will have a live Daggerheart episode (can’t really call it a one-shot thrice, can we?)

    I thought they have episodes weeks in advance so they would have them ready way before the live show. But maybe that’s fairer for people who go to the live show and may not have had a chance to watch an episode on Thursday/Friday before the live show.