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  • I don’t agree with that statement, because both on paper and in practice, Christianity is no better or worse than Islam. The only reason Christians aren’t slaughtering homosexuals and transgender people the same way is because they’ve been leashed by secularism. It’s not that they haven’t or don’t want to again. It’s that they know they can’t get away with it – yet.

    Look at organizations like Seven Mountains and other Dominionist groups promoting Christian Nationalism. It’s not a coincidence that Kevin Swanson regularly sees Republican office holders at his “Kill the Gays” rallies. They don’t hate Islamic theocracies because of the theocracy part. It’s that they’re jealous of their religious power and want to surpass it.

  • I don’t see how they aren’t both rotten at the core. They both spring from the same Abrahamic religion. They both cite extremely fallible and frequently inaccurate texts as scriptures. They both cherry-pick what they want from scripture and knowledge. Neither is better than the other. The only reason that Christianity isn’t just as violent as Islam today is because most of the Christian world is leashed by secularism, which the Islamic world rejected a thousand years ago.

  • Well, yes and no. Yes, during the Islamic Golden Age they successfully introduced a lot of valuable knowledge. There’s a reason our numbers are called “Arabic” and most of the stars we can see have Arabic names. However, the idea that they’ve been strictly defensive is not accurate. After the fall of the Golden Age, when clerics took back their power and declared mathematics to be satanic they began their campaign to establish a global caliphate. They’re brutal with anyone they consider sexually deviant or violate gender norms, and they’re not above attempting to invade a neighbor if they think they can get away with it in the name of Allah.

    Just like Christianity throughout history.

    The difference is that they have a lot of catching up to do before they can equal the atrocities of Christianity. And from the look of it, this lag isn’t from lack of trying. They just haven’t had as much time as Christians to commit all of the atrocities.