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Should I bath today? Nah, I did that last week accidentally. Need to be safe.


Usually Not much. But now it’s my cousin’s wedding that I don’t wanna attend. Yet he’s a good guy so I have to be there for him to support him emotionally.

Lmao. This meme take a while another level to understand

Hello admin. I am new to fediverse.

I have questions. Does federation with other servers only work after the server admin has configured it?

As It confused me coz I can access lemmy.ml (coz. you’ve configured it) but not other servers. May be coz you yet to configure them with home server. Have I got this right?


To all the Lemmy & oss contributors reading this: I am grateful for your service. your simplest & smallest act makes these tools so powerful, that people of the world can use them to better their & other’s lives. Thank you.

Op you can do this it’s 1 xtra step for you and another xtra step for your reciever but it has less commitment than finding and changing to a whole different app.

Imo signal is fine in 1to1 chat. They’re tested to be encrypted and I believe it’s opensource aswell. For me though I just don’t like that I have to give out my phone number. I hate WhatsApp for that but I need it for work.

You can use element (Matrix) or Briar or easier way as someone else suggested encrypt the info and send password from different medium

I am new to fediverse. Please clarify this for me, by my amature understanding, I should be able to interact with Lemmy instance on other servers by just having an account on anyone of the server. I have an account on lemmy.lohn.in and I can use lemmy.ml just fine then why not sopuli.xyz?

How does or Doesn’t it work?

I am using lemmur android app to browse lemmy. But there are some communities that I can’t seem to subscribe to. And it says that I have to login into those local servers…


Right now I use Google Keep almost always. Trying to find a foss fedi alternative that would seemlessly sync between my pc and Android. Any suggestions?

Evernote & notion : was never able to switch to Evernote yet I would switch to notion when they bring offline work function.

Hi it's relejek here

Supp. People of lemmy…