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  • for 3d printed gun people (not personally one of them, just browsed their subreddit once), they use some vaguely blockchain crypto related p2p video host called LBRY, not sure if that model is scalable though, as it seems to be based around free p2p hosting like torrents, although there was some mention of hosting fees, presumably in crypto? not sure

  • The first ift launch throwing concrete everywhere sucked for everyone involved, birds and spacex. They have a real working launch pad water deluge system now, and the second tower will have a flame trench.

    I am not a fan of elon musk and his disregard for authority, but realistically, traditional aerospace companies (nasa, boeing, ula) have been slowly plodding towards the overbudget disposable mess that is SLS for the past 2 decades, while spacex has designed, built, and flown an entirely new and different rocket, with crazy (but potentially doable) goals, in the past couple of years. It’s hard not to be excited for them, even though they really should care more about the state park they are next to.

  • That is an interesting question. From what I know, youtube has every video in chunks that they serve to the client, and so server side ad injection is just serving some ad chunks before the video. I think you’re right with the buffer thing, it seems to me like the only way to make sure the client can’t skip it would be to make the buffer shorter, impacting some people (although seems like only really people with internet thats fast enough for streaming some seconds, but not other seconds, which is an odd catagory)

    Ultimately it would be a tradeoff for youtube, but the fact that they put the effort into doing mass testing of the idea at all shows that clearly there are some good incentives, and it may eventually be implemented.