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  • I agree and I also think it’s one of the best comic book/superhero/whatever movies ever. It’s a timeless classic!

    I just wouldn’t waste that many words on hating Mutant Mayhem. I saw the trailers and realized it’s not for me, I’m probably not the intended audience either, so I didn’t watch it. Same way I did with the Michael Bay ones after I watched the first one and didn’t like it. I just forget they exist and hopefully something I like more will come along in the next reboot. But there’s definitely people out there who like them, more power to them!

    Bossa nova!

  • I’m still playing through the Perfect Dark campaing on Switch. As you mention with OoT, once you get used to the controllers, you don’t mind anymore. I thought maybe N64 games hadn’t aged well since the 3D graphics were right from the start of the transition into 3D, with not too many polygons. But the gameplay is still fun, which is the main thing. And the old graphics have their charm!

    I also had some friends come over and since one of them had mentioned she liked Bubble Bobble, I got Bubble Bobble 4 Friends. I wouldn’t get it for myself, but it turns out to be really fun and chaotic on couch co-op with 3 other people. It starts easy and gets quite challenging, mostly when there’s so much stuff on screen (or I’m old), but I guess that’s the goal.