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Is this that lib Dru Gladney’s “research”? It’s such nonsense to whitewash and equivocate on the topic of genocidal European colonialism to compare internal developmental inequity in the Soviet Union. These losers apply the same model to China to say the landlocked people are colonized by the rich coastal port denizens.

The trauma of having to work Arizona with a team in Afghanistan. That time difference is killer for the work-life-balance! /s

Surprised their sinophobia hasn’t driven them to instagram lol

The global system will need to move beyond reliance on the US dollar
> ...and turn national banking and credit systems into public utilities. That is the only way that governments can write down debt – mainly, debt owed to themselves – without inciting a political and even violent fight against their moves to free the economy from its debt overhead.

It was never meant to be believed seriously. If The people spouting it openly hate all the progressive policies and were saying it in bad faith. It’s just to keep Berniebros in line so that the 2 imperialist bourgeois parties’ duopoly remains unquestioned.

It’s as bad as you suspect, probably even worse(CW: it’s not overly graphic but conditions are grim).

CW: from above link

“This is our principle: we, the Svoboda Battalion, do not retreat. And because of that, we found ourselves in a semi-surrounded situation, and we had a lot of work to do. In addition, it is a swamp full of mud. It is very difficult to evacuate the wounded or to deliver ammunition. The trenches are constantly deteriorating, and in this swamp they must be constantly rebuilt.”

He added: “Today is the first day without rain, but then and yesterday when it fell, all the water flowed into the trenches. And the shelling was such that it was impossible to get out of the trench, so the guys were constantly wet for a day or two. Plus the temperature is like this. Many are contused, many with pneumonia. But we hold our ground, and we defend. I see young guys standing with their teeth clenched. I would really like someone to write about their achievements, because few people in the country know about it.”

DSA is such a clown fiesta. They’ve had elected members step out of what passes for their party line with no repercussion on several occasions. Anticommunist “leftists” are openly at war with the leadership of the party and whining about tankies in bourgeois media. These people are the first to do that wojack pointing and screaming meme about Manufacturing Consent when bourgeois media slanders their favorite social fascist but that same media is very honest about the places Jake Sullivan and Mike Pompeo want beaten into submission omegalul.

The polite way to repeat the firing of the ATCs 😎

They're whitewashing the FTX ponzi scheme 🤡
I'm shocked they're doing this given how much money institutions lost.

Oh for sure. It’s just annoying as all hell to listen to these smug schmucks who are so condescending when you can cite their favorite bourgeois media to disprove them.

I love how secure liberal technokkkrats are in the quad and the PRC being on its last legs when this administration has made like 4 saber rattling tours in Asia that have accomplished nothing but pissing off the hosts. Kamala tacitly accused the Vietnamese of blasting her with a raygun by claiming she got Havana syndrome there.

Nothing will be left. Washington has publicly committed to fighting to the last Ukrainian. The 4 annexed regions contained most of Ukrainian GDP, ie productive capacity. The remainder will have to pay for all the weapons as Ukraine, the poorest country in Europe, is on some kind of perverse lend-lease program that functions as a demonic iphone upgrade program for NATO countries with old stockpiles of Soviet weapons. To add insult to injury, even the Klanadian Ukraine bonds, a scam to transfer public funds into private coffers, are disbursed to Ukraine through the IMF.

A couple sausages, 2 bell peppers, 2 russet potatoes, and 2 garlic cloves make a fantastic meal for like $10 that makes several servings. I get like a week out of it. Takes about 1hr.

Dice everything, boil the potatoes in water and salted water until fork tender. Strain and dry the potatoes.

Meanwhile dice your garlic cloves and gently brown them in some oil.

Combine your oil, potatoes, and peppers and mix evenlyish. Spread on a baking tray. Dice your sausage and spread the chunks out on top.

Into the oven at 450°F for 20m. At 20m flip the sausage chunks over so both sides brown (optional but worth the effort). At least rotate the tray 180°. Wait another 20m and you’re good to go.

Serve plain or use it as a sandwich filler. You can reheat it on a skillet and make an omelette for breakfast.

These people are just coping. They think the quad is a meaningful anti China alliance despite India being an SCO partner, one of the leading importers of Russian, oil, and a Russian arms customer. Real multivector shit from the Indian government, but “iT’s OgRe” for the PRC somehow.

It’s different because there are at least 5 flavors of $food_processing_monopoly $astroturfed_snack 🤡

I completely forgot some other nuggets. I’ll add them to the original reply as well but:

  • Detailed how the OUN pogroms were against Jews, Roma, and Poles living in the occupied territories
  • Later claimed (cited Tim Snyder omegalul) that the Soviet Union was antisemitc and downplaying the Holocaust by saying the OUN murdered Soviet citizens
    • Not even sure the leap of logic here. Pogroms led by the OUN killed Jews, Roma, and Poles. All of whom were or would become citizens of the Soviet Union.

I thought it was some guy in LA they were passing off as a “heroic” Chinese protestor. Or is that a different propaganda article?

Bourgeois historians are clowns. I was reading Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe’s Stepan Bandera: The Life and Afterlife of a Ukrainian Nationalist and the first half is actually alright. He recounts:

  • The prewar fascist party summits they attended in Italy alongside the ustaše, under the tutelage of the Italian and German fascists
  • The June 30th OUN declaration of an independent Ukrainian fascist republic and welcomed hitler’s remake of Europe
  • waffen ss galacian unit
  • How the OUN political officers went to the peasant villages and could rally militias out of them
  • Their role in galvanizing Ukrainians in the occupied territories to ethnic violence
    • Victims of this violence would go on to call all involved banderites
  • Their role in the Lviv pogroms
  • Detailed how the OUN pogroms were against Jews, Roma, and Poles living in the occupied territories
  • Their presence in the police of the occupied territories despite the ban from nazi leadership
  • Their immediate postwar collaboration with British and American intelligence

In the postwar section of the book, focusing on the remainder of the OUN “behind enemy lines” in Soviet Ukraine this clown goes on to say Soviet propaganda created a distorted view of the OUN among citizens of Soviet Ukraine. Soviet “propaganda claims” include:

  • OUN was a group of hitlerite dogs
    • They literally swore fealty to him and had a unit in his army but okay…
  • All Ukrainian nationalists were OUN
    • Does it really matter if the person participating in the pogrom is a card carrying member or not? The victims themselves call these people banderites and the OUN political officers in towns and villages were tasked with “political education” rallying these people to violence. While not card carrying OUN members, they did follow its political program…
  • The OUN was an enemy of the Soviet Union that was conspiring with the capitalist powers to destroy the Union.
    • I don’t even know how you claim this is made up Soviet propaganda in the chapter immediately after the one that details the OUN’s collaboration with western intelligence and participation in Operation Rollback. Activities not meant to destroy the Soviet Union include air dropping OUN militants into Ukraine to being conducting guerilla warfare. Fortunately the KGB had agents in both the OUN and Mi6 and the airdropped clowns were never heard from again.
  • It was antisemetic (citing Tim Snyder omegalul) and that the Soviet Union downplayed the Holocaust by saying the OUN were enemies of the Soviet people who murdered Soviet citizens
    • Not even sure the leap of logic here. Pogroms led by the OUN killed Jews, Roma, and Poles. All of whom were or would become citizens of the Soviet Union.
    • The OUN also was unable to make ideological inroads with the Eastern Ukrainians who had lived first in Tsarist Russia, and then in the new Soviet Union and considered writing them off and outright genociding them as well.
    • The stay behind terrorists did kill local Soviet authorities, people they thought were “collaborating” with them (using the very flexible and paranoid definition fascists often do), sabotaged the collective farms, and killed workers on said collective farms. So yes they literally did kill Soviet citizens.

He did thorough research and his book is a good read on the OUN that I still would recommend, but my god the object permanence goes away when the Soviets are mentioned lmfao

Why is it that when the workers strike for better pay and safe working conditions, they are met by the police gassing them and cracking skulls? What rules are the strikers breaking other than the unspoken labor discipline the capitalist class demands?

This is why cops get so much money and surplus military hardware. It’s to beat you into submission if need be.

Why is it that wage theft is the most widespread form of theft and the least prosecuted? Why is the penalty for wage theft a minor fine + backpayment of wages and the penalty for petty theft can be years in jail?

Deficit spending is used as an excuse to cut social services. We have this debt and the interest must be serviced at the public’s expense. Canada recently released “Ukraine bonds”. Investors will buy these bonds and the proceeds will go to the IMF to give to Ukraine. And then the Canadian government will have to pay the interest on these bonds at the public’s expense.

Why is it that petite bourgeois landlords are allowed to overleverage the fuck out themselves to build little empires of slums and airbnbs and you can’t exercise that same ridiculous leverage to buy your first and only residence? Financialization and the needs of investors come first. It’s codified in law. These petite landlords receive very generous tax relief for owning an over levered slum empire.

For your second question, I think Gramsci’s prison letters has something about the Turin trade unionists contrasting with the communists and their theoretical path forward in relation to the Sicilian peasantry. I forget the name of the specific letter sorry. But it’s good about laying out the role of the industrialized center of the nation and what it owes to the lesser developed areas. The gist of it is that the communists, in control of the factory, should churn out equipment for the peasants and modernize them and break their feudal relations from the church and not simply stop at demanding higher wages like the trade unionists were content to do.

The only thing surprising here is that Italian authorities caught them.

He has some positive things to say about Americans. For example they are less superstitious and more pragmatic.

There’s a bit about micromanaging and planning the whole of society is an enormous task and letting the market paint in broad strokes so that the government can firmly do the whole regulation part and not the resource allocation. I suspect this is what these commentators latched onto. The same ones who were overjoyed “Xi’s China” was “privatizing” state enterprises by exposing them to greater market pressures. This was offset by larger membership of party members among leadership of the “privatized” state enterprises and 2 weeks later said commentators all complained about “Xi’s Maoist China” so go figure.

Goodbye FTX
As the price of BTC and related "assets" falls, these scams face liquidity crunches that crush them, further depressing prices and accelerating other scams' collapse. My heart goes out to the people though who were sold this crap as an escape from poverty.

Can't even afford a house lmfao at least shill something useful

NATO don't provoke a war challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)
> The U.S. is increasing the temperature that will - in the end - boil the proverbial frog. My anxiety is also being boiled gfdi

Logistics are banned in the DPRK 🤣🤣🤣
> Russia's and North Korea's railways are connected. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣