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  • Average is a terrible statistical metric for wages. It means nothing other than the rich are getting richer. Median is a more accurate representation of what most people earn.

    From Jan 2017-2021, median wages increased 6% ($352 a week to $373), whereas Jan 2021-today wages have decreased 2% ($373 to $365). ^ Add that to rising costs of food and housing and economically, by the numbers, Biden is not doing great on the economy.

    I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing long term for the country, but it is bad politically in the short term for democracy with an election in 4 months that will determine whether we retain a democracy or shift to a fascist system of government.

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    Just to clarify definitions that probably wouldn’t be considered deafness, it would be an audio processing disorder. Ability to hear music but inability to process the words.

    Deafness is “binary” in that it just means ones ability to hear sound or not. If you can hear sound even slightly then you just have a hearing impairment and are not deaf.

  • It wasn’t a personal attack. I could see how it could be read that way but the second sentence was a point of science not insult. It’s hard to convey intention in text.

    They are just my observations and interactions with vegans, and the science is clear that most vegans have nutritional deficiencies. It is extremely difficult to actually get everything you need without meat, and you essentially have to plan every single meal in a food planner. I know… I’ve tried it and even planned to a tee it is near impossible to have a balanced diet without meat. I wish it was.

  • over 30. I personally prefer more serious discussion because I’m a dork. I’m not into most sports, jokes, video games or other whimsical stuff. I like some of that stuff IRL, but I consider the internet primarily of use for deeper discussion of topics that most people might not necessarily have an interest in. Like NASAs nuclear powered project Orion spacecraft in the 1960s.

    Peoples eyes normally glaze over when I talk about that stuff offline, but there are billions online, and usually someone else finds that niche stuff as interesting as me.

    It would be nice if you could select which topics interest you rather than having to block every community that does not.

  • Because you can very easily already calculate the increased cost of natural disasters; droughts, floods, severe storms with wind and hail damage, crop spoilage, etc that is occurring right now. The future disasters will be worse.

    As explained in the article they take the cost of current disasters and multiply the known effects of global warming to calculate what costs will be. They can only calculate what they know.

    The costs are probably more like 1000x anyway because there is no way to really apply an accounting system to a complete calamity that would happen if numerous very likely feedback loops happen, as they hint to in the article.