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  • I don’t think it’s taking shelter as much as trying to find an answer to something that has no answer.

    For example Eistein I don’t think was trying to take shelter from reality. He wanted to look at reality as deeply as possible and he managed to peek through and see more than almost anyone ever had before.

    But he still believed in a God. This is one of those reasons I always call myself an agnostic instead of atheist.

    In a practical sense, I’m an atheist. I don’t think Jesus turned water into wine or the Buddha achieved enlightenment and entered a higher plane of existence or whatever.

    But I acknowledge there might be supernatural or supranatural items / phenomenon/ or even beings that we can’t ever fully understand.

  • Nobody showed up because the DNC wanted it that way. It’s standard operating procedure to blindly stand behind the incumbent because statistically incumbent has a higher chance to win.

    It’s the safe option, so the DNC put their weight behind Biden.

    If DNC actually wanted an open primary with all sorts of people trying to win, we could have done that. But we didn’t.

    Now it’s becoming obvious Biden has no chances of winning this election because of his deteriorating mental condition. Not only that, he’s even less likely to be an effective head of state. Why are we choosing to put ul an almost-senile guy to represent the strongest country in the world?

    I think another primary is fully justified. The best course of action would have been to have a real primary in the first place. But what else are you going to do at this point?

    Biden can’t win and even if he could he shouldn’t win

  • Infrastructure bill, climate bills (even though he’s also given more fossil fuel approvals than Trump and oil companies are making nearly 3x profit under him), OTC birth control… what else?

    High inflation & high interest rates & high government spending on war.

    I would support a candidate that would

    A) reduce cost of living

    B) raise wages

    C) enact immigration reform

    D) stop funding endless war

    Right now neither candidate promises any of those items. Those 4 items would make a massive difference to virtually everyone in this country.

    I couldn’t care less about trans bathrooms. Sure, they deserve respect and equality and all that jazz. But I’m sure they would also like a good paying job and being able to comfortably afford their rent and groceries a lot more than kids being allowed to go to drag shows.

    Don’t you see how they’ve successfully managed to trick everyone into accepting these BS culture war issues as some sort of substitution for real meaningful change? They have their boot on your neck and you’re happy about it.

    We’re accelerating downhill, I think there’s only a few years left before another big war

  • Protectionism against China check

    Expansion of border wall check

    Unconditional support of Israel check

    Detention of asylum seekers at border check

    Soaring corporate profits check

    Massive number of oil and gas drilling approvals check

    Virtually no meaningful legislation or policy that improves quality of life or lowers cost of living for working class Americans… check

    Trust me. It’s not as different as the kool-aid would have you believe. You can’t just wave a pride flag around and pretend to be a progressive. I don’t buy it.

  • MAGA agenda is gonna happen under Biden too. Biden expanded border wall. Abortion rights are getting dismantled under Biden. Inflation and interest rates are pressing down on working class Americans under Biden - meanwhile corporate profits soar, especially oil companies. Oil companies are making 2-3x higher profits right now than during Trump.

    Sure, the rhetoric coming out of white house is going to be more racist, more xenophobic, more anti-gay, etc.

    But fundamentally I think the changes this country is going through is much deeper than presidential office. If Biden were a strong leader, maybe he would be able to stem the tide.

    But he is not a strong leader. He is the last gasp of air that the establishment neoliberals are desperately trying to maintain. One last attempt to maintain the broken status quo of the great experiment we started under Reagan.

    The tipping point has already been reached, a tsunami is coming and people should get ready for that

  • The same as if Biden wins. I don’t think the office of president is going to meaningfully change my life. It did not the last 8 years either.

    Either way we’re headed to war, economic troubles, radicalism, etc. Biden and Trump are both stepping stones towards the authoritarian state capitalist system we have been cultivating for decades.

    People are going to be fine as long as they do what every person in Latin America did under the military dictatorships supported by the US. Shut up, do your job, and don’t make waves.

    Don’t worry, it can’t last forever. These systems have a tendency of falling apart eventually. The next manifestation will be better. Just like WW2 had to happen to bring us our post-60s civil rights era society.

  • We can discuss what people should do all day. I’m talking about what people will do. Biden is losing this election. People are talking more about whether he is even capable of the job and nothing about the good things he can do for the country. His own party is rebelling against him, with Dems from swing states calling for his resignation.

    Biden’s toast, and the DNC with him. It’s unfortunate but it is what it is.

  • You have to look at it from the GOP perspective. Trump is the most popular candidate, he managed to accomplish big ticket items in his administration, and he is more “mentally there” than Biden.

    Just look at debate. Trump spoke quickly and confidently. Biden mumbles and forgets what he’s talking about, stands there with mouth open staring, etc.

    There’s a reason in 2020 debates, polls showed most people thought Biden won the 2 debates. But in the last one, overwhelming % of people thought Trump won debates- even democratic voters.

  • I think you misunderstand who is asking Biden to drop out and why.

    Dems are interested in who is the DNC candidate and Republicans are interested in the GOP candidate.

    Republicans as a whole are OK with Trump. He’s not incredibly popular, but he has some achievements under his belt and has a relatively small but very loyal core group of voters. The average Republican believes that a) Trump has good chances of winning election and b) will likely move forward conservative policy objectives.

    Therefore, why would they want him to drop out?

    If we look on the other side at Biden. A growing group of people believe that he is not 100% mentally there because of his age. Because of this, not only does he a) have lower chances of winning the election but also b) is he really competent enough to be president? Sure, there’s a sort of shadow administration behind him but people still put value in having a strong and mentally quick head of state.

    Beyond that, there’s also a small group of progressive voters who are unhappy with Biden’s policies. He simply isn’t a very effective leader and is one of the most unpopular presidents in US history. He’s even more unpopular than Trump, who was also a deeply unpopular president.

    So, people want Biden to resign because they believe other people would not only a better chance of winning election, but would be more effective leaders in terms of advancing DNC policy objectives.

  • Greedy people are more likely to end up wealthy. Greedy people are also more likely to end up doing ethically dubious things.

    Of course, any wealth at all is unethical if you’re being honest with yourself. There’s a famous passage in the Bible.

    Jesus was out teaching his disciples or healing people- whatever he did. And a rich man comes up to him and asks

    “Jesus, I want to follow you and go to heaven. Please tell me what I should do”

    What did Jesus say? Jesus told him to a) sell all of his shit b) give that money to charity c) physically follow me around

    What did rich guy do? Have an epiphany about morality and living the good life?

    No, he cried. He cried because he didn’t actually want to let go of the good things he had for morality.

    All of us in first world nations are guilty of this to some extent. The way our world is shaped you essentially have to be unethical to survive. There are levels to it, of course. But I think your perspective is too black and white and needs a little nuance. Seem like a teenager.

  • If your argument is: the Supreme Court is compromised and will intentionally ignore the constitution and the laws to protect Trump- then what difference does this ruling make?

    Why did the courts not hand the election to him? He sued in many courts over the 2020 election drama. Fake votes, rigged election, etc. He lost every court case.

    I think people assume the 9 justices are politically motivated but they in general hold a deep respect for the laws and the constitution. Every single decision is documented and you can read their opinions. Everything has legal reasoning, nothing happens just because

    For example the Roe v Wade one. I don’t think they should have repealed it for practical purposes- but the ruling legally makes sense. The courts are not legislators. Congress should be the one passing legislation to give right to abortion, not the courts.

    Why did Congress not pass anything since 1974? There were many Democratic majorities since 1974.

    I wouldn’t have repealed just because of the damage it caused, but I understand the legal argument.

    So to summarize: they follow the law. Not necessarily what is best for the country

    everything could be viewed as official in the right lens

    No, isn’t true. Insider trading? Not official. Is a crime and can be prosecuted.

    And note that it is “presumptive immunity” not absolute immunity. Therefore even official actions can be criminally prosecuted on a case by case basis. It’s just that because it’s presumptive, there’s a higher threshold of evidence the state would need to prosecute.

    If president had immunity, why Nixon

    Nixon did not act in an official capacity. He was guilty of obstruction of justice, breaking into office, etc. These things he did not do in an official capacity.

    I think a better example would be the Iran Contra affair. I think that’s a very legitimate concern. If I order the CIA to do something - is it official? What if it’s something clearly against the laws and/or against interests of the USA? Here I think there is a valid concern although that doesn’t mean the ruling is the end of democracy like people are making it out to be

    It’s OK to do insurrection

    He can still be held criminally liable for the insurrection. He will argue he was acting officially, it will go to a lower court, then bubble up to the USSC and they will rule.

    I think it’s fairly obvious it was not official

    OK to use official employee

    Yeah I think this is wrong and a valid concern. Although keep in mind: they already had this presumptive immunity. The difference is now the law is clearer and there’s a process to remove this immunity whereas before it wasn’t there

    denying people who actually understand the law, like professors, etc

    You can find just as many legal experts who agree with the majority opinion. It was 6-3 in the Supreme Court.

    But again- appeal to authority doesn’t work. You make arguments, like you did in this comment. I respect you more than almost anyone else because you took the time to read and give reasoning

    I don’t believe what someone says just because they’re an expert. I listen, but I look at the reasoning. Look up “Nobel disease” . Experts sometimes say some wild things

    our Congress is deadlocked

    Yes they are a mess and we’re headed towards fascism. Not because of this ruling though

  • I’ve read a couple of the majority opinions and dissenter opinions

    The president already had presumptive immunity for official acts. This basically just reinforces the precedent and sets up a framework for determining official vs unofficial.

    Nothing about this ruling fundamentally changes Trump’s position except that he has the option of claiming he was “acting officially” for example during Jan 6th. Then it will go up to USSC and they will determine the specifics case by case

    Why does it not matter as much as it seems? Because a president already had presumptive immunity for official acts before.

    Yes, it’s important. But it’s not the end to democracy. It essentially creates a check against the executive branch by the judicial branch. And honestly, I’m OK with that considering how powerful the executive branch is.

    Biden’s campaigners don’t care about any of that. It’s their job to get people to vote. They don’t care about the truth. I get it, I would do the same thing in their position.

    Everybody talking about replacing you because of your terrible debate performance? Blast the “End to democracy” tagine as loud as you can so that news cycle changes.

    It worked like a charm, I think it was a good strategic move