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  • I’m not aware of the problems, so I can’t make such a post. Looking at this now and searching by URL for magazines on kbin and communities on lemmy instances both seem to work as expected, so I can’t reproduce what you’re seeing.

    I am aware of issues with, searching for communities that are hosted on that server will often fail the first few times, and subscribing to communities that are hosted on that server often shows that subscriptions are “pending,” so if that’s where you are searching for communities I can see why it’d be an issue. Federation is a two-way street, so if can’t fetch remote data then it won’t work, but I’ve seen many other reports of people subscribing to remote communities just fine, so I don’t think there’s any issues we’re seeing on our end.

  • jonah@lemmy.oneMtoChat@lemmy.oneHow do comments federate?
    1 year ago

    Comments are pushed out by the community’s server, they’re not pulled in by yours. So if you’re missing comments from communities hosted on for example, it may be that is overloaded and not sending out comments to the fediverse properly.

    The other common issue with missing comments and posts is misconfigured language settings in your profile. You need to make sure at least Undefined and English are both selected, lots of people only have English selected which will make a lot of posts hidden.