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I tend to stress myself out about not being able to sleep, since I really enjoy my sleep, and that leads to a vicious cycle. I normally wake up at 6AM and go to bed around 9P, but in the past year or two since developing insomnia who knows when I sleep and I usually wake up around 9A if I do sleep. I once went a week without sleeping at all. I’ve lately been having some good luck with rest and tend to get 5hrs or so, vs the 1-2 I was getting for almost a year.

I try not to eat later than 3pm, I’ve noticed some connection between food and ability to sleep, the later I have my last meal of the day the harder it is for me to sleep at night. I’m also afraid of caffeine now and I don’t have any past noon if I do at all.

Biggest mental thing that’s helped me is realizing most bodies will eventually fall asleep when they’re ready, and even if I got 0 or just 1 hr of sleep it’ll be ok, my body just didn’t want sleep that night. I won’t be as mentally sharp but I can still try to do challenging things in my day on my lil hr of sleep.

If I don’t fall asleep after 20-30min of lying around I’ll get up and go do something, like read something simple on my phone (in black and white mode) in a chair or play a very mindless game like cards.

Find a library selling old equipment and get your own book scanning machine or find an old school hole in the wall type shop. Otherwise one page at a time with an app or a standard home printer scanner (this is the way I go).

Just have volume 4 to go, was told to read vol 4 before 3 but I didn’t listen.

Not helpful, but closer to 2 decades ago Usernet used to be good a good source of niche things like this.

Sounds like nostalgia there, I remember around 2006 old reddit was a lot like 4chan, where link Russian roulette was seriously a thing, and I saw things I wish I never did on what seemed like a harmless thread. Reddit’s always had a shady, icky layer to me. There’s also the mass, thoughtless consumerism that doesn’t help things along.

I suppose lack of retro gaming discussion is simply because of amount of users, as the site grows I 100% expect it to be made and created. I’ve noticed a lot of comrades like Oblivion for some reason (I personally love modding it like one of those train sets models people spend years on). On emus a rom community perhaps?