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centralized proletariat state

A Democratic one? Where everyone can vote? How much centralized? One Global State?😬😨

Sehr cool von dir, danke!😃 English: very nice, thanks!

Why do you want a Pixel 5 with Graphen, if you already have two phones? The full disk encryption and the protected boot? The security? If you would really need it or if you would like to contribute and have the time & money to deal with it, go for it.

Ja, oder auch Klimawandel, letztens in der Tagesschau, Grüne sagen wir müssen was tun, Tagesschau fragt nochmal bei der Storch nach und die sagt, Klimawandel gibts nicht, und die Maßnahmen werden Deutschland ruinieren. Und das wird einfach so als gleichwertige Meinung dargestellt. 🙄

Finde es schrecklich, dass die AfD von Medien, wie der Tagesschau wie eine normale, demokratische Partei behandelt wird. Zu jedem Thema werden ihre Meinungen präsentiert.🤮

More importantly, I think the real value of open source lies in the fact that it’s not driven by commercial incentives. Let’s say you found a perfect commercial product that addresses your needs. Sooner or later this product will stop working the way you want. Companies need to be profitable to continue existing and that means that their software has to evolve and chase what current fads are, if you didn’t want changes then you’re out of luck. If a company goes out of business you’re also out of luck.

Nah, there are a lot of open source companies. Also very big ones. There are also many that open source large parts or just some applications. If they do a change that the community doesn’t like, they do a fork.

Demoevents erstellen ohne Veranstalter zu sein?
Wie ist der Demokalender gedacht? Dass da Veranstalter Demos anlegen können, oder dass da jeder, der (z.B. auf Mastodon) von einer Demo gehört hat ein Event ergänzen kann?

An anti virus scanner can also be exploited. That happens with both Windows Defender and ClamAV. Its an additional very critical application with an attack surface.

Open Source should always be preferred. It has the possibility to evolve into something great. Closed Source Software can stop working at any given time. At any time the behavior, the UI/UX, its “encryption”, its Features can change or require you to pay for it. OSS will always be open Source. If the Developers change or delete a Feature you like, you are able to make a Fork. You and everybody else have the power to make the software that is run to behave the way you like it to run. Everybody could verify that the software does the things its intended to do. Everybody can learn from principals and code of OSS to create a better world.

not all OSS is free, it can even have high costs.

What do you mean by that???

I use bromite on Android and its very good. In the Microsoft Edge Blog post linked in this post they talk about the effects.

Danke! Habe mir jetzt mal hier einen Account erstellt😃 Vielleicht sollte in r/Dachschaden nochmal geschrieben werden, warum Reddit schlecht und eine eigene Lemmy Instanz besser ist? (Hatte nie einen Reddit Account und habe nur hin und wieder bei Dachschaden mittels gelesen)

Deleting Comments is bad, since your Opinion or Knowlege might be important for someone or yourself in the future. A better way to decrease a digital footprint is the ability to post things anonymously. This comment should not be tied to my account. Anonymous posting also brings other benefits like a bigger engagement. I really liked FlowChat from

Its not just one Post but multiple from them on the frontpage. Also other posts and comments confirm a right wing leading.