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  • Prohibition? We still have drug prohibition. Woman’s suffrage? It’s something, but women’s votes still are as useless as everyone else’s, especially if you refuse to vote for anything to actually change (and they still have a wage gap). 75-day school year - what? Jim Crow? Improvements but black communities institutionalized, ghettoized, gunned down by cops, and still a wage gap. See prohibition.

    Plus, now our government is totalitarian, eating a third of GDP, massive surveillance state, largest military on earth, quarter of the prisoner’s on Earth, constantly trying to censor the internet, economy is insanely unequal and getting worse, inflation over the long term getting worse and wages not keeping up with them, housing prices skyrocketing, and currently openly engaged in a genocide despite nation-wide protests. Need me to keep going?

  • Not voting or voting for a third party is not a vote for Republicans, it’s not voting or voting for a third party.

    You should be ashamed to vote for any of the major two parties giving their full backing to an ongoing genocide. The myth of Democrats and Republicans as meaningfully separate parties is dead.

    (edit) And to be absolutely clear what I mean here. Their economic policy, the towering administrative state, the military funding, the Federal Reserve, the bailout policy, the surveillance state, the DHS, TSA, ATF, CIA, FBI, all the international imperial meddling, empire building, regime change & overthrowing democratic leaders shit, it’s all the same goddamn thing between both parties. They literally only bicker about small fry social issues and hope the gullible people in the public who haven’t studied anything won’t notice the bipartisan consensus on everything else. It’s honestly embarrassing how much people sit around and defend Democrats, you have no idea what 95% of what they actually uphold even is. We were all screaming 2000-2008 about Bush cementing a police state into power, and then Obama came along and literally normalized the entire thing, and now it’s like that’s all forgotten history.

  • In effect, the bonds I mentioned are just inverted loans. The Treasury takes in $1k from payroll taxes for these programs, issues a bond to the trust fund saying “I owe you $1k plus interest”, spends the $1k on whatever (I guess primarily the discretionary budget) and eventually has to somehow generate money to pay it back with interest.

    In terms of whether or not bonds were “borrowed” - this wouldn’t exactly matter in a meaningful sense, but I’m not clear this ever actually happened in the first place. There was some claim about, when the trust fund was mixed with the general fund 1968-1990, maybe the government took bonds out of the program, but you have to remember that inside the government, that’s not something of value, that’s just an obligation the government has to pay to itself, it’s a big nothing burger. The outstanding liabilities from Social Security to the actual beneficiaries (elderly people) exist regardless of how the government is doing their accounting internally.