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  • The problem this state (via the landlords’ lobbying for this change) is trying to fix is the scenario in which an evicted tenant gets a sympathetic judge in a jurisdiction with a long docket backlog and basically gets to squat in the property rent-free for however long they can stretch out the litigation

    Classic case of the solution being many times worse than the problem.

    Also, people too poor to afford rent don’t tend to be able to afford dragging out litigation either. Lawyers are expensive and even if you manage to get pro bono representation, there’s likely to be limits.

    if the landlord can’t get a non-paying tenant off the property through legal means, they will pursue non-legal means instead.

    So the solution to landlords breaking the law to get rid of poor people is to make it unaffordable for poor people to contest unfair evictions?

    Sounds like landlord logic…

    shotgun evictions are something we’d really like to avoid.

    Then take the gun away from landlords in stead of pointing one at homeless or soon to be homeless people.

  • That’s like 5% of it. The farce of the Senate parliamentarian comes to mind as an obvious example.

    Another is when Manchin scrapped everything progressive from the omnibus bill and was awarded for it, never being disciplined for standing in the way of what Biden and the rest were pretending to want to do.

    And of course, there’s the means testing everything to death, like the Dem leadership always do in order to not inconvenience their owner donors too much.

  • It is apathy in the sense that you are here exclusively to promote voter apathy

    Nope, I’m doing no such thing. On the contrary, I encourage voters to be rightfully pissed off and hold their elected representatives accountable.

    1. The powers that be have decided it all for us

    No, I’m saying DON’T LET THEM!

    1. Lack any clear or coherent call to action or plan to address the issues you discuss

    Again with your insistence that you aren’t allowed to voice your dissatisfaction with politicians unless you’re ready to do their jobs for them if not outright replace them 🤦

    Political apathy is a lack of interest or apathy towards politics. This includes voter apathy

    Which is the opposite of what I’m exhibiting. Pointing out alienation ≠ not caring or telling others not to care.

    I carefully picked these words with intention

    Then you’re even dumber than I thought.

    not to come up with a slogan.

    That was in reference to your repetition of “shit or get off the pot”

    By looking at the trend in your posts, they all echo the same trend: Voting is ineffective

    That’s not what I’m saying, no. ONLY voting without holding your representatives accountable is ineffective. I consider voting the bare minimum, not the whole solution. Any comprehensive good faith reading would bring you to that conclusion.

    it’s possible you are simply echoing this sentiment by agreeing with other posts/users

    Nah, unlike willfully obtuse apparatchiks like yourself, I’m actually capable of independent and logical thought.

    political engagement is ineffective, because after all "The powers that be have already decided everything for us

    You can’t be this fucking obtuse 🤦. I’m saying NOT TO LET THEM, not that it’s inevitable like the strawman you keep trotting out

    I will give you the benefit of the doubt

    Yeah, you made the lie of that clear about 4 strawman repetitions ago 🙄

    that you are in fact a human person

    Another typical establishment shill deflection: " everyone who doesn’t agree with me is a bot" 🤦

    with good intentions

    Yeah. Unlike certain people who don’t know what words mean, I’m arguing in good faith as always. You should try it.

    But either way, you’ve picked up the rhetoric of disinformation campaigns and determined you agree with it and here we are.

    Do you rent yourself out to cinemas? Because that’s an impressive amount of projection!

    You are welcome to keep expressing dissent over. and over. and over

    Could have fooled me!

    without any semblance of a path to redress any of these concerns

    Again: it’s not my job.

    I am also welcome to call this out as a nihilistic outlook

    Sure, there’s no law about being willfully obtuse and pretending that not falling in line equals both caring. It’s arrogant and annoying, but not illegal.

    because the revolution hasn’t come knocking at the door yet.

    An enabler of the corrupt establishment like you probably hopes it never does. You’d NOT fare well in a system where critical thinking is valued higher than blind obedience.

  • this is not expressing dissent: This is nihilistic apathy.

    You clearly don’t have any idea what either of those two words mean.

    Expressing dissent typically comes with a call to action or a plan

    No. It’s possible and in fact a good thing to speak up when the people who are supposed to represent you aren’t doing their job. Whether or not you have everything they need to do in stead ready for them to reflexively reject.

    Being politically active is not the equivalent of starting your own band and the fact that that’s what you took from it is very telling

    I was using a simplified analogy to illustrate the folly of your “fix it or shut up about it being broken” approach to government, not making a 1:1 comparison.

    Again, if you’ve resigned yourself to what has been charted out by the powerful

    As is clear by my dissent, I have NOT meekly resigned myself to the status quo, like you seem to have m

    either shit or get off the can

    I can make unreasonable demands too: either learn what words mean and get a better catch phrase or shut up.

    This is just political apathy disguised as voicing dissent for edgy points.

    Nope. That’s still not what apathy means. You might mean contrarianism. You’d still be wrong, but at least your false accusation would be logically consistent with the rest of your reductionist pro-establishment rant.

  • If your base doesn’t vote, they will adjust their program to those who will. Old people get their way, because they ALWAYS vote

    This as well as the OP ignores the fact that the top two reasons for people not voting are politicians alienating them and politicians making it too difficult to vote.

    Victim blaming the alienated and encumbered nonvoters does nothing about the root of the problem and is the equivalent of scolding someone working 60 hour weeks for minimum wage for not exercising and cooking healthy meals for themselves often enough.

    Disclaimer to save some time rebutting the obvious strawman: I’m not an 18-24yo nonvoter myself. I’m 41 and never missed a chance to vote or told anyone not to.

  • I’m glad it saved your life and I am aware that it was an improvement over the former status quo.

    That being said, though, it’s inadequacies HAVE lead to the deaths of many, perhaps thousands or even hundreds of thousands, from not being able to afford treatment before it’s too late.

    Dems had a unique opportunity to save as many lives as possible, and they negotiated themselves down to a tiny step in the right direction and then pretended that it’s the best anyone could possibly do.

    It’s been over a decade and a half since they took that tiny step and they’re still resting on their laurels and vehemently opposing anyone who suggests that improvements are needed or even possible.

    Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good

    I’m so fucking tired of that lame argument for complacency.

    Incrementalism isn’t good. Taking a tiny step in the right direction and then declaring victory as the other party predictably makes it worse than it originally was as both parties gradually turn further and further right isn’t good.

    It’s throwing rare scraps to the starving masses from the banquets they throw for their owner donors, including the health insurance industry leeches that the ACA massively enriches.

  • Our government, for better AND for worse, was structured so that a president couldn’t go rogue and do whatever they want.

    No longer, apparently.

    However, the GOP has corrupted all branches, all levels of the courts, including SCOTUS.

    True. Because the Dems have let them by not fighting back.

    This is why they get away with all the shit that they do, while the Dems seem act impotent.

    Fixed that for you.

    Because they have spent generations undermining our checks and balances while the Dems have mostly played fair done fuck-all

    Fixed that one for you as well. Weird that you keep making mistakes that excuse the spineless inaction of the Dems 🤔

    albeit with a fair huge amount of corporate subservience

    Finally being halfway honest about their fault in this. Let’s see if it lasts.

    The Dems are shackled by law

    Nope, didn’t even last two sentences. They’re shackling themselves and blaming things like rules, procedures and rotating villains that are within their power to change or overcome.

    thanks to all you conscientious objectors that let Trump gain power

    I was wondering when that particular victim blaming strawman was gonna rear its ugly head…

    For the record, I’ve never not voted or told others not to vote.

    And the vast majority of Bernie voters voted for Hillary in the general. Unlike Hillary’s PUMA and others, who voted for McCain or not at all in much bigger percentages.

    Because you think both parties are the fucking same.

    Another strawman.

    Just because I realize that the Dems are doing an awful job doesn’t mean that I think they’re anywhere near as awful as the literal fascists on the other side of the aisle. I don’t.

    Conversely, though, the other party being a literal fascist party doesn’t mean that we should demand less from Dems. On the contrary, this is when we MOST need them to fight tooth and nail and get things done!

    a whole lot of ignoring reality on your part

    I’m not the one doing that, apparatchik.

    You rage against a machine without understanding the parameters

    I understand just fine. You, on the other hand, reflexively believe everything the machine spits out, even though much of is demonstrably false.

    People like you putting the bar at “just slightly better than Republicans” and demanding that everyone else do the same for decades is how the Dems have gotten away with just putting band aids on the limbs Republicans break and moving right to chase the mythical “undecided voter” even as they decry rising polarization.

    Which in turn is how Republicans have gotten away with becoming a fascist party and still remaining competitive in a country that ascended to their current place in the world by fighting fascists in WWII.

    Demand better. BE better.

    Be better.