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  • Maybe I just don’t get banned enough

    You may also interact with countless bots without ever knowing, because creating fake identities is free.

    I really don’t care about loosing my identity

    Fair, some people value their identity.

    how decentralized is it when your identity is “centralized” in your key pair?

    For average people nothing changes, the app can hold their key for them and even offer email recovery.

    On top of that so many people regularly change their display names on social media for vanity and expression purposes that I can’t reliably use them anyways for recognizing accounts.

    That’s something having signatures and a web of trust solves.

    Besides, you fail to see another problem: Whichever centralized, federated site you use can manipulate anything you read and publish.

    Anyway, if you don’t see a need for tools like nostr you don’t need them.

  • but I’ve also been suspicious of the reported inflation numbers

    Check the purchasing power of your money against hard assets like gold, stocks, land, housing, etc. “Inflation” numbers we get are CPI numbers, and those are intentionally doctored to show lower “inflation” values. For starters, they assume “stable” prices that don’t change are normal. That is a lie as prices should be going down all the time due to improved production processes. Once you realize inflation is underreported and that wages don’t even keep up with that…