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  • For anyone who thinks Canadian cops are nicer, I still remember the G20 in Toronto. The police designated a park as a free speech zone, surrounded it, took off their name tags and put on masks, and began to beat the protesters. They tore a disabled man’s prosthetic leg off and dragged him around, they took people away from cameras and beat them. Not a single cop, including the chief in charge, suffered a single consequence. And they wonder why we no longer feel sad when one dies.

  • The food basics near me rips you off a different way. They purposely leave expired items on the shelf long past their date. Every single trip I find multiple items that are weeks past and they’re still front and center. If you don’t check the dates religiously, you end up with a few things that are expired. I’ve complained to the store and head office and they don’t even respond, they couldn’t care less.

    They also never clean the produce racks, I’ve been seeing the same muck and stains for months

    And they’ve been selling frozen/thawed bread as fresh. When I go buy English muffins or fresh bread. I find many of the bread packages are cold and half frozen