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Thanks you, yeah, that’s true.

Could I kindly ask for some recommended reading, then, if you or anyone happens to have any suggestions, please

How does “taking power” actually look like?
I keep thinking how Marxists talk about seizing state power so that capitalists/fascists don't, and just realized, I actually kinda struggle to envision this. We're not capturing a flag, getting on the president's podium isn't gonna let you just dictate the people, so like, exactly *what* locations are we seizing and how are we using them to free the people? (I probably need to read what is to be done)

What is to be done with the police?
Police serve the state, so one one hand, once we have a proletarian state, it will be taken over to oppress the bourgeoisie. This seems fine, at least initially. However, I can't help but feel that the way the current police/prison system is organized is not the best way to tackle the actual issue of crime. Putting prisons aside for just a second, are there better alternatives to the "police"? How do they look like? Do we just have small local "crisis response task forces" for major crimes and patrols for petty ones? Is that any different from the current response/patrol cops necessarily? And while yes, we can of course improve people's conditions so they don't need to e.g. steal, I'd like to focus on the fact that crime will likely occasionally still happen, from the potential jealous art thievery to a murder - and how we should address those once they happen/as they are happening.

(idk what tank that is don't @ me)

If that’s true, that is good and valid. I will kindly say that again, that even if you call yourself a “patsoc” but practice marxist-patriotism, as you state that Caleb does (sorry I don’t know anything about them) - nothing wrong with that.

However, there is at least a reactionary group bearing that name, that a lot of people, myself including, have had vastly negative reactionary interactions with.

Is there a difference between the “PatSoc” and “Nazbol” reactionary groups?
Have kinda seen these two words used a bit interchangibly, was wondering if there's a destinction?

@SaddamHusein24 I think you have a small misunderstanding. The patriotism of actual Marxists, dare I say even in America, should be upheld - and I mean the patriotism of wanting your country to be destroyed and reborn as Lenin said, and to flourish for all the American people. The genuine belief that the American worker should be supported and treated fairly, regardless of minority grouping, and that they deserve better is a great thing!

The “patriotism” of “PatSocs” is vastly different. PatSocs are a very specific reactionary group with specific views here in the west. They believe that we should all hunker down and throw away the “liberal wokeness that is internationalism” and put trans people in gulgas since they’re “lib degenerates” and that’s what Stalin would have wanted. It’s reactionary position not based on any real material analysis, and as such, should be combated.

It’s wierd that you say that, I expected MM&TBS to go a lot harder but I didn’t find anything too anti-cap at all imo. A lot of personal things but not much about the system. Definitely not compared to e.g. To pimp a butterfly

Then you reach the end songs and he literally says “Lately, I redirected my point of view” I got a kid and a family I choose me i’m sorry

And then you go back to the previous songs again and start reading in a bit

“The industry has killed the creators, I’ll be the first to say (What the fuck?) To each exec’, “I’m saving your children”—We can’t negotiate (What the—)”

e.g. the execs saying “hey with this pay i’m saving your children here but you can’t rap about this stuff no more”

and in the songs later he’s like ‘i can’t please everbody people look up to me and i have to just nod along and say the music is gonna keep coming’ and that he can’t be this world-saviour character

and like total repsect for that he has a family and 2 kids now and it seems like he chose to self-preserve and you know 100% get it

But I think the anti-capitalist Kendrick has been suppressed

At least to pimp a butterfly still goes hard

Does the UK “remove” local communist leaders in the current day? How do they do it, and are there any contemporary examples of this?
Got curious, as back in the day I imagine it wouldn't be too out of place for the government to carry out the imprisonment or assaniation of a communist figure, but I haven't heard of any such things happening in the modern day (e.g. past the year 2000). If there is a strong Marxist organisation/organizer in the UK now, what happens? Do they get deported? Imprisoned? Assaniated? Do we have any recent figures to learn about as examples? Thank you!

They have to, the laws of capital demand it

Some slower than others, sure, but any capitalist that doesn’t will be outcompeted by one that does

Look what they did to our poor NHS here in the UK…

Heck i meant to write You -> VPN -> Tor my bad, but yes you’re totally right on that front

Also agree just use tails without anything extra probably easiest way

But also very interested in the convo above explaining why we’re both potentially wrong lol

Hm, that makes sense to me. I am not versed well enough in privacy topics to see why that’s not the case, so I think you’re correct. And the more I search, the more people say that yes You -> Tor -> VPN does not hinder the tor connection itself and protects the non-tor traffic coming out of your system + people probably trust their VPN way more than their ISP for good reason.

That is true, yes, but also it highly depends on your VPN provider and what you’re avoiding. Since I Imagine most communists want to avoid “the government” and not some specific group:

"Against a global adversary with unlimited resources more hops make passive attacks (slightly) harder but active attacks easier as you are providing more attack surface and send out more data that can be used. " and “If the VPN/SSH server is adversary controlled you weaken the protection provided by Tor.” (i.e. the US may very well give large sums of money and threats to access VPN logs, because at the end of the day, these services operate for money).

“if you know how to configure it properly” is key because you actually should not use a VPN if you use tor unless you know exactly what you are doing.

You are creating a common entry/exit point that your government/ISP can monitor, which might make tor less secure at best, and basically obsolete at worst, depending on how you set it up.

Of course it does

Not to sound like an ad, but I can confirm proton currently doesn’t (though it’s not that much greater for privacy)

How do you define “Marxism-Leninism”?
Would like to ask - what is a good, concise but full definition of Marxism-Leninism? Of course, I know what it is generally, but I am not sure how to convey it cleanly. Generally I always want to mention that it's a science (i.e. what would you answer to "define fluid physics") so my go to is usually something like "In science, referring to the Marxist-Leninist branch of socio-economics" but I think it might extend a bit beyond that? Would like to ask your guys thoughts on it.

How long on average do accounts take to get approved?
Mostly asking cause I'm very impatient to contribute aha, it's been a few days and I hope I wasn't missed, or if I was rejected I'd like to know the reason, etc. <3

I’ll believe it when I see it

The post literally shows you it’s happening

I am now infinitely curious

communism <=> lgbt identity <=> really fucking obscure hardcore music, it’s okay I completley understand

As for getting doxxed, it’s about the same as torrenting, people can see your ip and country flag but nobody cares they just use it to download music lol. Use a diff username and a vpn if you’re too concerned


ye, i like the idea of having a bunch of commie soulseek people in one place so i can browse their stuff and see if i find something cool, honestly

“Why would the classes ever disappear”

Well if you actually talked with MLs or read Lenin you’d know…

Well…yes. Closed source software coming from the west can do anything in your country, and you wouldn’t even know it. Closed source software that you made and you know what it does does not compromise national security. In fact, it improves security against outside agents. It’s not closed source to the Cuban government, they made it.

Yeah looks it

Though just use Rclone + RcloneBrowser

You can share folders if your computer’s not on! That’s most people anyway

If someone requests it it’ll go into a queue, and eventually when you turn Soulseek on it’ll start uploading

(sometimes when you try to download it just doesn’t for hours that’s why)

Soulseek room: lemmygrad
I know it's mostly used for audio, but I thought it'd be cool to have a lil lemmygrad soulseek room to share books around (and commie music anyway?), so I made one! Feel free to join, it's just called "lemmygrad", just tick the auto-join room option. For those that don't know, Soulseek is a P2P (but 1-to-1) file sharing app. You mark a folder you like to share and now users can find it's files in the search bar and download them directly (or ask you to if you restrict them). Rooms lets you chat around and click on users directly to browse what they have, so we can share and aggregate our stuff (= (if you're on Linux you can use nicotine+ as the front-end which is in the official arch repos and also looks nicer I say)

Here: https://www.reddit.com/r/EuropeanSocialists/comments/v9pfk0/how_would_a_materialist_explain_this_sharp_rise/

Thread is hella locked, and it looks like all the nice Marxists answers got removed too, but the a-material ones left alive. Go figure.

Fair warning It has some seriously transphobic posts.

Yea true, I just wanted to cool audible version cause it sounded pretty good

When I state anti-LGBT, I mean the propaganda of putting gay people in gulags and actively hounding them or something - they were still plenty not accepted in that society and were treated very badly pretty much everywhere in the world back then, but, the USSR wasn’t going around actively rounding up queer people - they had much bigger things to worry about.

Also the “he made homosexuality illegal” is a common misunderstanding. Lenin didn’t “legalize gay marriage”, he abolished the old tsarist law. Later on, the USSR partially re-instituted those laws with occasional amendments, but they did not care about gay people at the time - homosexuality was illegal in the tsarist law, and it still remained that way when it was re-instituted. Nobody in the ruling class paid it much mind.

A dialectical materialist analysis of LGBT and specifically Trans issues will reveal concretely that the correct thing to do is to fight for queer emancipation, against patriarchal oppression of people, and with that, against the capitalist class society itself.

I also do not trust anyone who says that gender and sexual identity are “liberal” values. There are plenty of gender non conforming individuals outside of “liberal” societies. Historically also, we have had “third-gender” institutions and event bi-sexual polyamory in pre-class society.

I don’t get nazbols dude. Imagine actually believing the weird anti-soviet propaganda about Stalin being a super nationalist anti-LGBT counter-revolutionary and then going…“That sounds great! Sign me up!”

Don't go to r/EuropeanSocialists apparently, worst mistake of my life. Feel very sad for all the people wishing to learn more about socialism and getting roped into trash like this.

I do not mean to be rude when I say this, but this sounds like it is lacking a proper analysis of gender and like a dismissal of the struggles ace people face both, comrade.

There is nothing related to gender that defines these 2 “sexual identities”, rather they are completely based off your emotions. Sexuality and sexual identities are based on gender […] However, with asexual and demisexual, this is absent.

This is fundamentally flawed. The asexual identity of ace people absolutely has to tie in to gender. You can say you are homosexual because you identify with attraction towards same-sex individuals. Put this another way: You identify with having no attraction to any other gender, except for the same one. Take that one away too and what do you have? Asexuality.

If you take that same gay person and they realize that actually they’re not only not attracted to the other sex - they’re actually…not attracted to the same one ether. Or anyone else. They might come to the conclusion that they are asexual.

It is not based on “emotion” it is based entirely on who you are sexually attracted to - it happens to be no gender at all. You can say that homosexuality is entirely based on “emotion”, as gay people just happen to be attracted to a random sex - but this is a flawed argument, as it lacks a fundamental understanding of attraction.

An asexual person’s attraction can simply be rephrased as: no matter what gender you are, be it the same as theirs or not - they are not sexually attracted to you. And you cannot have that definition without gender.

When a person is LGBTQ, this can be identified by outsiders looking at you. […] Sexual identities are clearly visible on the outside

Absolutely not true. Dare I say, the majority of LGBT people are straight passing. Gender presentation, gender identity, sexual attraction and romantic attraction are all separate things that do not, in any way shape or form, have to coincide with one another at any given time for any particular individual.

The only thing visible on the outside is gender presentation. If a guy presents in a feminine way, they may very well be straight. Or bi. Or ace. You cannot tell unless you ask. Any trans person can be any sexuality. And non-binary person can be. You will be harassed by reactionaries based on your gender presentation - if they can clock you as trans or potentially gay-looking, they might harass you.

An ace person wearing an ace pin is going to get harassed just the same. An ace person rejecting the sexual advances of reactionaries is going to get harassed just the same (got forbid they say “sorry dude, i’m ace” and out themselves are non-hetero-normative). They also face their fair share of “I can fix you” or “I’ll make you like sex” types like gay people face “i can turn you straight” ones.

Aro/Ace/Etc. people are, and always will be, part of the LGBT movement if they wish to be so, because their struggles stem from the fact that they are not hetero-normative. And finally, fundametnally: There is no minimum bar to the the amount of oppression one must face - we all have the human right not to be opressed in the first place. Even if ace people had it all peachy - we should still support them and listen to their voices like any other.

And the topic further extends to the fact that sexual and romantic attraction are separate, so one can be Asexual and homoromantic, or homosexual and aromantic, but I will let you research that yourself.

Games where I can play as actual nice communists?
This is probably mostly related to strategy games, but honestly any will do. The only thing I can think of is Stellaris with the communist mod, which is cool, but it's outdated to heck at this point and I'd like to hear more options =)

sometime u fall in love with a few ppl and they all fall in love with u too and it is nice

sometime u are not in love at all just friend and it is still nice :)

Always find it so weird when people keep saying “Why must u label things?” Humans do that. It is nice and convenient. It lets us describe common or unique properties. Some people also feel more valid knowing that what they experience is common enough and shared enough to have a descriptor (🙋). It’s also very nice to be able to form communities and discuss the specifics of shared experiences, no matter how niche.

Relationships that involve multiple people have their unique dynamics and features, such as experiencing and managing NRE (new crushes basically), polycules, etc. and so it makes sense that they would also have their own term for it. This would also be fundamentally different from platonic families.

Also, “platonic” is a very important term. I love my friends and family platonically. I love only my one partner romantically, but while I love my friends platonically, I can stll kiss them, which might be confusing to some. So it is good to have a differentiator term for that.

As for sexualities, yes, sure, it’s a spectrum and there are as many sexualities as there are people. But again, common-enough terms will survive. Aro/Ace are incredibly important umbrella terms for people who don’t experience sexual or romantic attraction - that’s a lot of people. But bigger groups of people will experience similar but distinct types of aromanticisism or asexuality and will ascribe their own terms to it in order to communicate between themselves - names are a natural linguistic formation for humans. They are important. So I would say let people ascribe terms so they can both feel more valid and also communicate on their shared experiences.

What is the Marxists-Leninist view on interventionism on extreme cultures/cultures that infringe on human rights?
There are currently cultures in the world that perform unconsentual mutilation, or practices that otherwise are extremely harmful to human beings. Then there are places that are so destabilised that they turn to religious extremism. China handles it's case of that by educating and improving the material conditions within it's relevant regions, which I think is really good. However what if those regions lie outside your jurisdiction, I.e. autonomous? Is it the duty of Marxist-Leninists to educate and provide better conditions of them, or is the right thing to let them develop on their own terms until they ask for help? More specifically also: 1. What if they reject outsiders/turn down negotiation? 2. What if they are an actual threat to other people (e.g. terrorism). I understand that realistically, there's no real reason for me to be thinking about this. But I would like to understand the world and Marxist-Leninist principles better, thanks.

Right?? 100% agree with you on like, all 3 points

This latest ban I find very lame:

A person didn’t understand the concept of people-relations very well and had a sorta anarchy understanding that under communism “If you want x you’d just find a person/friend that does x and ask them if they’ll do it for you” (remind me of the beans meme lol). And so they asked “What if people in my community don’t like me?” Like “What if I want a patio built can people just reject me for no reason?”

So I decided to just leave a small comment and said it’ll likely actually be a technologically advanced society and you can still just get whatever you want online, but it’ll be free (we’re talking communism-communism) and likely work by just notifying people in your area. I did clarify that this was a personal idea/thought. I just wanted to get the idea in their head that communism is not that primitive. Someone else can go into details about how social relations could possibly be shaped or so.

Unfortunately with that, it seems that I forgot to mention the cookie-cutter response that ‘we are Marxists who can’t know about the future and so we shouldn’t even dare fantasize!!’ or whatev

Anyway, the OPs post got deleted by the mods (hope the guy didn’t get too discouraged), and I got permanently banned for “No non-marxist answers”. Maybe I was in the wrong there and you guys can dunk on me if so but man I really don’t think I was that terrible of an anti-communist aha

P.S. I also I had some guy replying to me saying “I like how you assume you could get other people to build your crap for you” as if ppl into construction would up and just disappear from the world and you couldn’t kindly ask someone online lol

Got banned from r/communism/101 for the third time babbyy
Anyone have a higher tally count? God those mods can be infuriating sometimes aha

I'm being honest, it's looking more and more like a "within our lifetime" by the hour

So I’ve scoured around a bit and managed to find 1 Marxist podcast episode on Ireland: Proles of the Round Table apparently has 1 episode on it and with that, also a reading list and some audio resources:

The episode: https://prolespod.libsyn.com/ep-45-ireland-and-the-cym

The Suggested Reading and Resources:

James Connolly:

  • “Labour in Irish History”

  • “Socialism and Nationalism”

  • “Reconquest of Ireland”

“Limerick Soviet”, Liam Cahill

Capital, Vol. 1 (Chap. 25, f), Karl Marx

The Origin of Capitalism, Ellen Meiksins Wood

Ireland Her Own, T. A. Jackson

The ‘Mere Irish’ and the Colonisation of Ulster, 1570-1641, Gerard Farrell

Mapmaking, Landscapes and Memory: A Geography of Colonial and Early Modern Ireland, c. 1530-1750, William J. Smyth

“Not Yet Emmet”, Peadar O’Donnell



I’d like book/article recommendations about Ireland
I would like to learn more about Ireland and it's history, namely about the troubles, bombings, what the British were doing in there, and the anti-Irish sentiment, etc. Maybe also about it's foundations and general history. Basically I have a friend talking to me about it, saying that the Northern Irish were terrorists and how the majority of them did not consider the British their oppressors, but simultaneously how the bombings were done to force the British government to withdraw. But I simply do not know enough about the topic, so I'd like to ask for some in-depth reading materials so I can understand the current hot-spot between the British/Irish/Northern Irish from a non-reactionary perspective.