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oder dass diese solange dauert -_-


…ah, so that’s what this is. Umm… no, I don’t think I will.

…why are you acting so surprised?! We have known this all along after all… firefox gang here BTW.

laughs in Klingon

…any love for my boy Sojourner?

Edit: Oh shit, I just realized that when I watched that little thing strugglew with a rock on TV it was actually 25 years ago. I’m old.

Whew, don’t use any of those. :)

Oi, a metro isn’t a bus on rails.

Just stream via your VPN like normal people do.

Same when another US-based website decided that the EU data protection act isn’t for them.

Twitter without morons and assholes? Hm, could be fun…

Just out of curiosity: I always thought Mastodon was a metal band…please explain.

Well…you could rate having that kind of humor as a disability…