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  • Yes exactly! It’s still very rare to see these arguments. I think 3D printers and things like patent trolls and video codec / av1 have made people realize the problems patents cause.

    Maybe another way would be for the UN to push for legislation for some kind of “moratorium” on any patents relevant to climate change. So that the corporation people don’t loose their shit.

    And maybe a court system with a reimbursement scheme that is funded by many countries to reward R&D but only as something like 400% or even 1000% of investment costs - but not based on some hypothetical future loss of fantastical profits.

    There is also the idea of a patentleft licenses but I don’t think they would have significant impact, since not producing anything still allows you to sue and block progress.

  • But if there are differences, I hope you can explain them without involving any kind of “injustice” towards Russia.

    Geography? Hey wait, you’re trying to trick me! If I explain the differences I loose the debate!

    My point is that from Russia’s point of view (true or not) NATO is a hostile military alliance that has slowly been encircling Russia for the past decades. Russia’s protests were ignored so after the 2014 coup supported by literal Nazis (from their point of view) they started to use military interventions. US / EU / NATO did double down on arming Ukraine with weapons so they saw themselves “forced” to invade.

    I’m not excusing any of this - but these choices and events made this war predictable and inevitable. I’d go so far and say that if Putin hadn’t invaded Ukraine he would have been deposed by the militaristic powers he cultivated. It’s like poking a bear and then crying foul when he eats your face.

    Thus my example about China arming Mexico. The US would react in the exact same way, and we have ample historical evidence for that. And it’s not my point that this excuses anything, it’s that these things are predictable so we do carry a responsibility to deescalate, demand negotiations so Ukraine gets their land back while Russia gets security guarantees. But judging by the complete troll answer in Tuckers Putin interview that isn’t in the cards right now.

    But there was no resistance to this geopolitical “gambit”. And now everyone is presenting a completely false version of history.

  • But all of that is ignoring the power imbalance. There is very sophisticated techniques being used to control what people hear, think and say. And that technology or science is getting better every day. And that power is overwhelmingly in the hands of those who have lots of money or “economic power”. They can hire the smartest sociopaths.

    While most people are too busy living their lives and are less interested in devoting their whole live to acquiring or keeping power. Or they belong to the unfortunate 50% of people who are less than average in mental capability. They are the easiest to manipulate.

    There are certain flaws in how we see our society and how you represent it. And your explanation doesn’t explain any of that. It HIDES those explanation and redirects focus away from the actual causes.

    We as a civilization have parasitic elements and can manipulate by exploiting emotions or weaknesses or disadvantages. Saying we deserve that abuse is like saying someone deserves to be robbed because they were too weak to fight back. Few people want to live in a world like that.

  • Think of it as “throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks”. That is the role of intellectuals or pundits, whatever you want to call the class that disseminates ideology / PR. There are lots of them and they spout all sorts of crazy stuff. Now basically it’s like the theory of evolution through natural selection. Except as individuals we are intelligent and can make decisions like “oh that sold clicks” or “oh that helped pass that law”. Who decides that? Well those who work for those that own everything and who see it as their job to increase profit.

    So basically ideology is like a secretion of a specialized class that is filtered and selected to “work”.

    So my theory is that after decades of wealth transfer and increasing inequality, dwindling middle class and lowering of effective quality of life, you need “stronger secretions” to control the masses. Because the old ideology doesn’t work any more. One word for it is late stage capitalism.

    Another environmental aspect that plays into this I think is climate change - since we already failed to prevent what could result in our extinction or at least in countless genocides, what social contract remains? Why even pretend to be civilized when our civilization obviously has gone insane? Like a decadent indulgence in an orgy of hatred. Or just insanity like in “Don’t look up”.

  • I believe this isn’t so much an unpopular opinion, but just factually wrong. Like you could read or commission scientific studies showing that a group of average people will react to certain stimuli. Video games are all about those stimuli. And also it’s a small percentage of players. It’s also about protecting kids and teenagers. So while it is profitable to do this, sometimes society shouldn’t allow it.

    You could also make the same argument for fraudulent crimes. They weren’t always criminal but were made criminal and are now accepted as being criminal. You could say “It’s our fault for falling for this!”.