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Like your west-is-bad china-russia-good 🤡 perspective,
and, as always, didn’t disappoint in not forgetting to mention the NATO. Well done comrade.

hey’re being real cavalier assholes by repeating the claim that Russian missiles killed people in a NATO country.

Exept they don’t.

The allies made very little actual difference in that war

Downplaying the effects of the western front to glorify USSR is also a way of flaunting your lack of understanding of history

If you have any specific questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask and I will do my best to help.

A lot of swaering for such a simple message. I’m sorry if i hurt your feelings.


It’s a matter of fact.
Your “childish” argumentum ad hominem won’t change that.

The so called “Monday night protests” by far do not represent “anybody who’s not a rich liberal”,
it’s a just a right winged minority of Vladolf lovers.

Still feeling hungry? Here you are: ><((((*>

I won’t go down to your level intellectually. Your mronline.org article has been debunked as fake news already.

It’s obvious who is lacking reading comprehension here, stop spreading fake news.

The interview is neither linked nor a source for the claims made in the article, statements are not included or are reproduced incorrectly.
You are spreading misinformation, that’s it.

there is no other way to interpret the comment that she was playing for more time

Oh, actually there is, but … ><((((*>

She pretty clearly states

No, she does not. Either you have a problem understanding what she said, or you have problems with your translator. In the end, you spread misinformation.

In an interview last week with Der Spiegel, Merkel alluded […]

Nothing in the article was said in the linked interview, it is pure misinformation.

Crap article, no sources for the said “interview” are given.
No references at “Der Spiegel” website at all.

viruses that would specifically target Russian DNA

Do you really believe such nonsense?

The fact that these right-wing extremists wanted Russia as a protecting power says it all.

Doesn’t make me angry cause I’m not ideologically blind like you,
in reality I begrudge every chinese prosperity!

Atleast we know that you are a NATO supporting neofascist.

Either you are schizophrenic, or you really think you can speak for others.
If I’d be truly neofascist, I´d spread kremlin propaganda all day long.

Your insults are disrespectful. Now back to your grammar lesson.

No worries, the illegal russian war will greatly promote the expansion of renewable energies and reduce dependence on fossil fuels that are harmful to the climate.

Don’t use cringe sources like business insider, we are supposed to be better than this

However, the grain does not necessarily remain there, as it is further processed into flour.

To put this number into context:
30% inflation only on non-energy industrial goods,
Overall inflation is 10%,
Same source. Nov. 22.

Don’t worry, thanks to your tireless efforts, one day I’ll become a wannabe communist too posting tankie sh*t

Communism understander has logged on.

Well spoken comrade sock-puppet!

Why do you think so, tankie?

Are tankies in the room with you right now?

Glad you asked. Only internet super-hero tankies who make themselves believe they are communists.

Slovenia said Wednesday one of the images Russia used to claim Ukraine is planning to detonate a “dirty bomb” was an old photo of smoke detectors taken in Slovenia.