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  • Thank you. I appreciate the kind words.

    The bot brings in content from R, but it’s been set up to do so for a specific reason. In order to attract new users and subscribers, new content has to be posted. Kind of a chicken/egg scenario.

    The bot pulls from the Hot category of r/Edmonton, allowing it to at least make use of preliminary user filtering from R. Without that, it would be pulling from New, providing much lower qualities of content.

    If you have any recommendations or suggestions, throw 'em at me! I’m all ears (or eyes, in this case)

  • The amazing ‘discovery’ was apparently made when they opened up Artyom Sidorkin, 28, to remove what they thought was a serious tumour.

    Mr Sidorkin had complained of extreme pain in his chest and had been coughing up blood. Doctors were convinced he had cancer.

    “We were 100 per cent sure,” said Vladimir Kamashev, a surgeon in Izhevsk in the Urals. "We did X-rays and found what looked exactly like a tumour.

    “I had seen hundreds before, so we decided on surgery.”

    Before removing part of the man’s lung, the surgeon investigated the tissue.

    “I thought I was hallucinating,” said Mr Kamashev. “I asked my assistant to have a look: ‘Come and see this – we’ve got a fir tree here’. He nodded in shock. I blinked three times as I was sure I was seeing things.”

    Medical staff said that Mr Sidorkin must have inhaled a seed, which later sprouted into a small fir tree inside his lung.

    The spruce, which was said to be touching the man’s capillaries and causing severe pain, was removed.

    “It was very painful. But to be honest I did not feel any foreign object inside me,” said Mr Sidorkin. “I’m so relieved it’s not cancer.”

    There was no independent verification of the surgeon’s claims.

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    No worries! It’s pretty low impact at the moment. Not too many people posting about stuff that has to be removed. Truthfully, I’m hoping to make this more of a community space without a ton of restrictions. r/Edmonton got a bit weird and cliquey on Reddit and I’m hoping we can do it differently here.

    If you ever change your mind and want limitless power as a Lemmy mod, let me know!