I am very typical earthling. I like earth food and earth drink and earth sports and earth media. Im all about earth things because I am so typical and earthling. so typical as to be very boring and not worth investigating or looking into because I am definately from earth.

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  • Im starting to get it. the phrase just to me sounds like its more about a possibility but the replies make me get it. I definitely get anxiety from current circumstances although I guess both my wife and I were discussing that with our depression. Its not like it can be cured because it comes from our current circumstances and often you think about like diagnosis and medication and its like how is that going to help when there are external factors. We think of it as more anxiety/depression for no reason or for reasons that should not cause them.

  • I have said it before but I am blown away by what he has accomplished in one term with such an adversarial setup. I loved obama but he pretty much flushed his first term down the toilet trying to work with the rebulicans. Granted joe had that as a lesson learned by that time. There are to many lessons in recent history to ignore. How much better position would we be environment wise if the president after carter had not symbolically taken down the solar panels and had a deregulation emphasis and then put in gore whose main platform was global warming instead of bush jr. Then we have had 45 years of tax cuts (any time its been raised its by an insignificant amounts next to the cuts) and it has not been a good thing. As a matter of fact from my experience the time following tax increases have tended to be better right up to about when they cut them again.

  • Exactly. He should be doing something about student loan debt. Like blanket forgiving it and if they stop him in the courts then he should turn around and use the judgements to identify more narrow actions he should take. He should get rid of the bs of companies calling all their employees exempt and not paying overtime. Or do something about non compete clauses in contracts. Or fight the roe vs wade and get an over the counter birth control pill available. At least get passed a large budget bill that prioritizes encouraging energy efficiency and green energy. Maybe getting our aging infrstructure more healthy while your at it. How about do something about all these bs fees companies charge. Or hey given jan 6th how about revising the law to make it clear the vice president can’t just choose the presidential electors. Maybe incentivize important production capacity for the country like microchips. Cancers been around for awhile. How bout putting more effort toward eliminating that. Or jeesh at least make the airlines not blow you off if they cancel a flight. I mean common. Show us something with the one term youve gotten. Anything at all. Something we can measure against trumps accomplishments in the term he got.