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We should write r/GenZedong over at Reddit’s r/place
We all still have our Reddit accounts. Show the admins they cannot stop us or our coordination, instill fear into their hearts and minds knowing they can never silence us, and really piss off the libs? We could put it right over the US flag if we coordinate all at once, it could be hilarious

Me too, had an account for at least a year in preparation but never used it. I need help. What app is functional?

Currently I’m using lemmy through the Reddit app lmao, click the lemmy link in a comment and just use through here temporarily. The only app I found doesn’t log me in, I click log in it just doesn’t do anything, won’t let me register a new account either it doesn’t accept the captcha just keeps changing it every time. I don’t know a good way to use this app on mobile like I did with Reddit, I’m flustered, if anyone has any tips for this on iOS please lmk

Rip dude, why? I’ve said some things and never gotten more than a temporary ban :/ sorry comrade