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  • Yeah, there is no way.

    That addon would need to be able to read everything on screen, as well as access the script of the video, the comment section, the video description, and any links that are provided, It would also need to be able to decipher sarcasm/tone/irony/context.

    It would then need to check the facts as stated in the video, in the context that they are stated in the video, then confirm/refute each point using source that it would also need to verify.

    Then, it would need to also need to keep track of any edits made to the video (which you can do after uploading), description, comments, any links, and the content on the webpages of those links.

    It would then need to have an overlay, maybe even something that auto-pauses videos, to tell you the findings as well as the sources that the addon found, and maybe even why the sources they use are trustworthy.