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  • Yeah that’s my take on it, too.

    Plus they’re far too big for “Google” to be a useful entity in discussions. The Google C-suites? The CEO? The Maps team? The Mail team? The support for end-user customers? Need to be more specific, because I bet the Mail team is bigger than some competing companies in their entirety.

  • It’s not your machine, your choice of distro, or your choice of specific packages to use or not use. It’s a work tool you get handed as part of a job. So whether CrowdStrike runs on it or not is not your decision and you aren’t allowed (and usually not capable) to change that.

    That’s an entirely different situation from one where you get a PC to do with as you please and set up yourself, or a private machine.

    Plus we’re mostly talking endpoint devices for non-technical users with many of these difficult-to-fix devices as techs have to drive out to them. The users expect a tool, and they get a tool. A Linux would be customized and utterly locked down, and part of that would be the endpoint protection software.

  • The thing is that by and large, only #2 out of your list is included in the big profits of these companies.

    The other thing is somewhere between 1 and 3, namely grown-ups with cash from work but who find it absolutely normal to pay a certain amount per week for their favorite game. Because they’ve never known different.

    And then of course, there’s the really fucked up group: problem spenders. Who are explicitly targetted and exploited by these shit companies.