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  • Just a general reminder that Harris was an unpopular candidate by the time she bowed out of the 2020 primary where her only moment in the sun coming from the media trying to push her for a hot minute as a popular alternative to Bernie for a hot minute. Granted that she has the benefit of mostly staying out of the media spotlight and would enjoy the full support of the Democratic Party in an uncontested primary, she still has to contend with the fact that she fucking sucks so bad her own state bailed on her in a race against the Maga messiah and a Kennedy spoiler candidate.

    Though at this point I’m thinking Kennedys more of a spoiler for Trump if he keeps going but by the sounds of it he wants to fuck with the democrats before bowing out and possibly endorsing trump over a red diaper baby

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    That said the Kamala cope is so big even my one of my nato-loving anarcho-bidenists came into work yesterday uncharacteristically chipper than the usually doom and gloom. (For the record everyone else, who tend to be apolitical didn’t give a shit Biden dropped out)

  • Ah well if you’ll be using a car to drive there, I’m no expert on the route but the I-90 should be the route of choice.

    Edit lack of reading skills in the early morning. Woly has the best suggestion out of us.

    Also make sure to carry at least two-three days of supplies in terms of water and light food (like 3-4 liters of water and a bag of granola) just in case anything happens while you’re in bumfuck no-signalsville, double check distances between gas stations on your route there to ensure you’re always topped off to get there, take breaks every 3-5 hours to stop and stretch the legs, and make sure to have plenty to talk about because it’ll be a long drive.

    Edit: take from the second paragraph what sounds useful since its not necessarily a roadtrip lol

  • Let me know if there’s any sort of paint or defacing on Lenins statue so I can pass the message onto my folks down there whether it needs cleaning again or not.

    Seattle tips: public bathrooms are near non-existent in Seattle as far as my tour down there concluded. The light rail system is a great money saver in the places it runs, otherwise public transport is alright when needed, just gotta research ahead of time. Water can be expensive there. Greyhound or amtrak are your best bet for travel out of the state but you should’ve been looking up their timetables beforehand to try and catch one that lines up best with your timeframe.