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  • The biggest red flag here is that someone is trying to derive meaning from Eva, an anime whose religious/philosophical imagery and themes were used “just because they looked and sounded cool” (not a direct quote.) I mean I like it too, but it’s gibberish.

    I’ll say this about OSS and the community around it: It’s painfully obvious at times that while the individuals working on these projects (often thanklessly) are brilliant people, they often lack the communication and project leadership skills necessary to make a project thrive. The last few posts I’ve seen on this particular issue have been extremely vague and for whatever reason just won’t come out and say what they mean. They’re verbose, go off on tangents, and beat around the bush. We must first have explained to us the plots of TV shows, movies, and other ancillary things in order to understand what likely boils down to “people with differing viewpoints cannot find common ground.” I see the linked blog post as nothing more than someone trying to work out relatively complex feelings about the time/effort they contributed to a project they no longer have faith in more than an “expose-eh.” Given that people in the comments of previous threads have boiled the issue with NixOS down to a sentence or two, I think this is an accurate view.

    See: Soft skills.

  • Very cool! Still early, so ran into some bugs:

    • Buggy playback on some files. Would either not play or play back glitched. Using Pipewire plugin.
    • Inconsistent vert/hori split behavior. Not sure I completely understand what I was doing wrong, but when editing the layout sometimes a split would open to the right of the widget area I was trying to split.

    Anyway, I like that Foobar can group albums next to their cover art in a playlist. Made visually scrolling through a large playlist much more interesting IMO, and fooyin does it well! Now to see if I can tweak the size of them.

  • To have this laundry list of negatives get a reply basically saying “yeah, it’s bad, but we need to impress the stakeholders by forcing a Wayland default even if it doesn’t work correctly” is baffling.

    I use SDL so this hits a bit closer to home. Hopefully they can arrive at a conclusion that isn’t harmful to us devs. It’s already kind of a tossup whether it’s even worth it to provide a native Linux build when Proton works so well anyway. I can’t imagine this will help.

  • I made it a few hours in on 6.7.9 yesterday after this thread inspired me to check. Still persists and I can now tell if the system is going to hang by starting a video on my second monitor and playing a few minutes of Warframe. The system kind of “stumbles” but won’t crash right away. It might even take a few hours to go down, but I know if that happens then the kernel is no good. Happy you got it sorted, though! Lucky for me 6.6 is LTS for a few more years.