The title is a bit clickbait, and I don’t even necessarily agree with all of the points that Danny O’Dwyer makes here, but it’s a good look back and forward at FPS games.

Personally, I’m exactly that person that Dave Oshry talked about, where people are waiting for the new blood in the development scene to loop back around and make FPSes that are closer to what we got starting approximately in the 2000s, which I’d argue lasted until about halfway through the 2010s. I want a well-paced campaign, where the levels don’t feel like mazes but feel like they’re somewhat rooted in a believable setting, with a handful of multiplayer maps built out of the assets used to make the campaign, not expecting it to turn into an e-sport but allowing for the pleasant surprise where it might. Co-op is welcome. Split-screen ought to be mandatory, as should LAN. Live service nowhere to be found. Open world is more likely to be a detriment than an enhancement, from what I’ve seen. I’m looking for the market to start catering to this demographic, that I fall into, again.