Views on Chinas allies

Lemmys community is in general left-leaning which explains some pro-China views if it comes to discussions.

However, what is your stand if it comes to Chinas allies?

Lets take Russia for example… the current oligarchy and right/conservative government is the complete opposite of China. Both countries are supporting each other but in the end its paradox. How can capitalism with a facistic touch go hand in hand with communism? If you look at it from an ideological point of view, it contradicts itself. If someone supports China, he is also supporting someone not favourable to a small/big extend.


– Sorry for being too general :P –

China’s foreign policy, especially after Mao’s death, has tended to be more pragmatic than ideological. Focusing more on a relationship of commercial partners than political/ideological partners as in the case of Cuba, North Korea or the Soviet Union itself.

The relationship between Russia and China is more than particular.

Russia sees a neighbor that is the largest economy of this century, the country with the largest population (consumer market) in the world; the partner that can lend you a few dollars when you are in financial difficulties and that everything it buys from you will be in larger quantities.

For its part, China sees a neighbor that is the greatest military power of all. And it has the largest territory in the world (natural resources, plenty of space to build, etc.). Basically a bodyguard for when the neighborhood bullies (nato) want to solve things by force, he will put them in their place with the same language.


Good comment, and to add, China’s current foreign policy is one of non-interference and sovereignty. They impose neither political nor economic regulations on other nation states in exchange for partnership, in contrast to the US and the West with the IMF and world bank which imposes neoliberal reforms on borrowing nations. This is why African nations overwhelmingly prefer Chinese loans to Western loans.


Pakistan would like to differ for example. China simply prefers to do the political and economic interference via back-channel diplomacy.




I see Russia as a reliable partner to its allies, like Syria for example, even China.

It does not pursue an aggressive, but rather a defensive (for Crimea see access to Black Sea ports, offering its citizens passports and pensions that Ukraine foolishly invalidated at that time) foreign policy.

Like China, Russia wants to be seen as sovereign.

China has made the decision long ago that they would trade and partner with anyone, or almost anyone.

You can see this in action in Europe where, despite European countries vilifying and sanctioning China, the PRC is still open to trading with them (huawei, though not affiliated with the gov, were gonna get the 5G contract until backroom fuckery happened).

The “enemies”, if we take it to mean the opposite of allies, China makes are those that refuse to work with them.

Russia is a reliable partner, and sharing such a long border with China, a necessary country to have good relations with. They are also a possible gateway to Europe for the belt and road, though at this time Russia doesn’t seem to see benefit in joining the program (or perhaps China doesn’t accept them in the program). Russia also counters a lot of nato imperialist engagements in the world which the CPC obviously understands – their stance is not born out of ignorance but of very pragmatic needs.


I actually think both governments are pretty similar.

Russian system of governance bears no resemblance to Chinese system and it’s actually closest to US.


Russia flipped conservative due to US fuckery in the 80s that wrecked their economy, like I can see why they would continue to be allies after the collapse of the USSR.


How is Russia fascistic?


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