An attempted color revolution is currently underway in Cuba. The media has claimed “hundreds” of the 11 million Cubans are protesting seeking to overthrow the socialist government. Videos have circulated showing tens or at most a hundred protestors. In response, president of Cuba has called for defenders of the revolution to take to the streets to counter protest and show the popular support for the government. The counter-protests seem much larger then the anti-government protests, chanting “I am Fidel” and “This road for Fidel.” These videos are not being circulated on popular US news or social media. Instead, hundreds or thousands of seemingly fake bot accounts swarm Twitter threads in disdain for the government.

The Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) has over 700,000 thousands members, consisting of ~6.25% of the Cuban population. Furthermore, over 8.4 million Cubans (~75% of the population) are members of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR). The Cuban people are overwhelming in support of the Cuban revolutionary government.

A few weeks ago the Director of the CIA met with Brazilian President Bolsonaro to discuss the pink tide in Latin America. Haitian President Moïse was assassinated in his home less than a week ago. And now this weak attempted color revolution in Cuba. Make no mistake, the Yankee Empire is scared of a red Latin America and they will try their hardest to destroy all progress. “America is back.”

Para todos mis hermanos y hermanas en Cuba,

Hasta la victoria, siempre! Venceremos!


Surprisingly, Reddit seems to have split in two, one side predictably jumping on the commie hate bandwagon while the other seems to be seeing through the propaganda fed to them!

Probably has to do with US having escalating internal problems that are becoming impossible to ignore for a lot of people. Back when US had an untarnished image in the media, it was much easier to make claims that it stands for all that’s good in the world. Election of Trump, mass riots, and an attempted coup made a lot of people question whether people in US have their collective shit together.

It’s also become a lot easier to challenge absurd narratives like Cuba cracking down on protestors when far worse can be shown happening in US and other western countries. It’s becoming very difficult to defend the position that human rights are more respected in the west.


Yup, I suspected the Western reports of this was bullshit when I read them. They’re making it look like the entire country is turning upside down.

Theyre protesting their government screwing up the covid response.


No conozco por completo de lo que hablas, pero amigo rojo con delirios de paranoia, no nos marees con tus cifras y acepta la revolución que la gente quiere y necesita, pues la siguiente no será roja

Cien personas pagados por la CIA no son una revolución. Los problemas de Cuba no son causados por el gobierno, pero por los sanciones de EE. UU.

Yo no conozco a nadie que odie el comunismo y su patria más que a mi familia, y ellos nunca dejan de hablar de cubanos que apoyan la revolución. Por lo menos un vez a la dilla se quejan de los cubanos que extrañan a cuba, que quiren volver a cuba, or de los que decien que nunca van a viener a los Estados Unidos porque “no quieren traicionar la revolución.” Esto no es un delirio de paranoia, es la verdad.


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