In an urgent message to communist and workers' parties, the German Communist Party (DKP) points out: To the Communist and Workers’ Parties

Proletarian Struggle: The Return of Overt Anti-Communism

Releasing in theaters this holiday season!


It’s not a surprise. In fact the country is a fascist/neonazi state. It is very sad to see that in the states of the GDR the reactionary forces are more alive than ever, supported by the Greens (fake ecologists), the Socialists (Trotskyists) and the Christians (Holy Inquisition) and having the highest rates of poverty and unemployment in the whole country. The German plutocracy does not forgive them for having been a socialist state.

The SPD are not trots, they are neoliberals. Their politics are identical to the CDU.


Trots or neoliberals. What’s the difference?

Even though at one time Trotskyism represented an erroneous position, but a position in the field of political ideas, Trotskyism became during the following years a vulgar instrument of imperialism and reaction. — Fidel Castro

Speech making the closing of the Tricontinental Conference

Original source (in spanish)

Trots pretend that they want to overthrow capitalism. Todays “social democrats” say that they want to “reform capitalism”, and then make neoliberal politics. So yes, the only real difference is in their words, not in their actions.

The Free Penguin

Ok, but about calling modern Germany “neonazi”: Modern day Germany is not mass murdering Jewish people!

Murdering Jewish people is not the definition of fascism. For me the best definition is as a mass movement which opposes leftist movements in the street. Eg by attacking demonstrations or threatening people. In Germany it is different, fascism sits in the institutions. Most obviously police and military, but likely also in the bureaucracy and government. This is obviously more hidden, as the deaths happen further away. Refugees drowing in the Mediterranean, selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, Mexico and other (civil) war zones. Not to forget military occupation in Afghanistan or Mali (pretending to secure peace).


… Germany is not mass murdering Jewish people!

False. Now the difference is that it provokes massacres (not only against Jews) outside European borders by supporting governments or criminal entities.

German arms exports and the militarisation of Arab States’ Foreign Policies

There are many ethnicities within Judaism, either by religious conversion (Ashkenazi, Ethiopian Jew) or by descent between the ancient Jewish/Hebrew people, now extinct, and other peoples (Sephardi, Mizrahi) who do not necessarily practice the Jewish faith, many converted to Islam.

  • Germany supports all of the aggressions / aggressors against Yemen (Yemen Jews), Iran, Irak, Afghanistan (Mizrahi), Syria (Sephardi).
  • Germany supports repressive/puppet governments against their own people, including many Jewish populations. Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Turkey (Sephardi), Ethiopia (Black Yews).
  • And of course the colonization and genocide by the Israhell apartheid regime (Ashkenazi: indo-europeans, mainly from the central and eastern Europe, converted to Judaism) against with the Palestine people (Descendants of Native jews, ethnically speaking, authentic Jews).

Thank you for posting this.

It may not immediately affect everyone in the world immediatley, but a country like Germany? Opening salvo, at the very least…

It shouldnt be any surprise in Germany, they already banned a previous communist party in 1956. That ban is still valid, and could be applied to this new party as well. Besides, the (west) German state was never denazified, former members of the SS were in all kinds of official posts (including the government).


I knew that last part; not the first part.


That ban is still valid, and could be applied to this new party as well.

The only reason to ban a party in germany is if they actively work against the constitution. Afaik communism is not against the german constitution. So if the DKP doesn’t seek to replace the constitution in an illegal way (in some bounds that could be done legally iirc) they should be fine. The DKP also wasn’t banned but only not allowed to the bundestags-election for formal reasons. (They did not file some documents about party spendings in a timely manner) Its still bad for them bc they could lose some official funding.

(They did not file some documents about party spendings in a timely manner) Its still bad for them bc they could lose some official funding.

That is not true according to their statement. And even if it was, how can they give a deadline of only 4 days? If the same thing happened in Russia, everyone would call them a dictatorship.

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