Communism and Forced Labor

Okay, so I’m probably gonna get downvotes for this, but I believe forced labor is anticommunist. Explanation: Communism/Socialism is about the workers seizing the means of production. Forced labor means that people are forced to work in a mine/factory/some other place with little pay. That does not sound very communist to me.


Ok? I think most people would agree with you but you seem to not have any reason to post this unless you are intentionally not educating yourself about the history of socialist projects.

Most people are willing to have genuine conversations about things like this but you need some sort of context to start a conversation. I can’t just go and say “Killing people is wrong and it is very much against human nature to kill somebody” and then expect to have people want to actually engage with my post.

Remember Stalingrad

Are you saying this is common in Socialist countries? Because it isn’t.

Every Socialist country I can think of enforced workers rights that forbid forced labour. With the only exception being prison labour, however this practice has been abolished (or, at least, for the most part), so it doesn’t bare much point in arguing that a Socialist project is invalid because they put criminals to work.

Just like with the other post, you show you don’t really know a lot about Communist history, and that’s perfectly fine. But, it’s probably best if you spend a while engaging in existing dialogues and reading old forums/posts about the history and the theory before you start making posts like this. Because, and I only say this to be honest, it’s a bit annoying to have to explain the same thing multiple times, especially when all of this information has already been said.


Communism is about reaching automation so that we dom’t have to work anymore, that is why IMO you can’t abolish social classes without it.

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