It w0uld be nice to interpolate this with the Which countries support nazism map.


I think I’ve seen some good evil country map tweets with like the refusal to disavow Nazism one, and the refusal to waive covid vaccine patent restriction ones. Same countries as always, western Europe and the US.


+ Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.

Who would have guessed it!

Gonna need to crop it on my end but here you go!

Last I knew only 2 countries did that now, those being USA and Ukraine. Might need to check newer sources though if any.

Basically all the same countries that don’t recognize Palestine are the same that support nazism, even though only the US and Ukraine voted against we all know what it means to abstain from such a vote; it’s a soft and delicate way to say you are okay with it.

Papa Joe Did Nothing Wrong

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