What is your favourite Minestest server?

I was wondering what Minestest server you play on? I’m thinking of a more general like server but theme servers are of course possible answers.

I used to play quite a bit on LibreGameNight’s server but it closed down a while ago and I haven’t found a server that really suits me yet.


linux forks. I played a lot on it a few years ago, and have recently started playing again. they have a large advtrains system, a lot of pipeworks/technic machines, and ethereal biomes.




I’m not currently active there anymore (I like to switch things up), but I had a good time on https://illuna-minetest.tk.

The community was always friendly and they have seasonal events, which are pretty cool.

The community is about the great and open source sandbox game writed in Lua, Minetest.

Feel free to call players for a multiplayer game or publish your project of a mod and everthing related.

Download the game. Check out the wiki.

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