They revealed to themselves as one hell of a homophobe. Unfortunately the chitchat you folks had was not enough for a ban, as Maya commented. I decided to take some hits to expose and help keep Lemmy clean.

I pinged an admin and this user will be on the way out soon.


Man was so obsessed they made another account just to harass me. Pwned em. Interestingly, they are doing all their activity during the same time pattern as that noobda user and their alts. Possibly a coincidence, but the conspiracy bug in me says this is someone on internet who knows me.

Admins and devs should really restrict voting rights behind atleast 10-15 comments, and a karma score limit, with score unknown to anyone except admins (and mods when Lemmy grows a lot). Who knows how long will there be experienced people like me to instantly spot and catch these trolls and racists?


His /c/ is indeed pro-capitalism, but he is the only one posting and not even actually on-topic. He just quotes himself saying “wise” (but meaningless) things, banning anyone else for “uncouth” comments. Had he actually been on-topic and not been trolling, I would have kindly suggested to let it slip (for now), but given the situation I am with you OP. might need some mod action coming their way.

Edit: I just checked his comment history via his profile and oh my, he indeed is very much a troll. Not a single comment he made has positive karma.


Sounds like we have a Jordan Peterson fan on our hands.


Do you mean the guy this topic is about or me?


No, not you. The guy this is about. Saying “wise” but meaningless things.


I wouldn’t want to be in his community anyway

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