I have a hunch that once people saw the economic potential of software, they started looking for ways to “scale it up” and we haven’t stopped searching yet.

The comparison to city infrastructure feels a lot like fedi projects. ActivityPub is the network of streets and masto, lemmy, etc are the construction companies for all the buildings on those streets.

Closed source projects feel clumsy in this metaphor because they are so heavily gated to preserve their surveillance potential.


I think, a big part of this is that we’re regularly solving problems which haven’t been solved before, at least not quite like this.
(If they have been solved before and that’s documented, chances are that you don’t need to solve them again anyways, because you may just be able to use that software/library.)

So, you often have to start out in a proof of concept phase, because you just don’t know what the best way to solve it is or that it’s even possible at all.

And then when that PoC is done, it unfortunately often takes a lot of convincing to redo it properly, because it will superficially look already rather complete.
And because you often just don’t know how long the project will carry on, since you’ll basically never get a complete plan from your customer to know the scope of it.

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The title is the summary.

There is no surprising data or anything in the article. It is a nice discussion starter though.

I had an idea once that everything should have a TLDR. Even books.

If it’s 500 pages it should have a 5 page TLDR. And the TLDR should have a 0.5 page TLDR, ie the blurb. And that TLDR should have another TLDR 1% as long - ie the title/subtitle.

And you read them in that order, shortest to longest, and stop reading when you have enough detail.

Now that could even be automated with an AI that produces TL;DR from given post/article. Would be cool to have a bot here on Lemmy that comments TL;DRs and sticky them

That’s a great idea. Isn’t there a bot on reddit that does exactly that?

Not that I heard of, it’s fairly new tool

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