Zuckerberg’s phone number was among the leaked data of 533 million Facebook users. A security researcher confirmed that Zuckerberg uses Signal app.

Original twitter thread for those interested here: https://twitter.com/Daviey/status/1378645798439768064

The guy doesn’t trust his own company’s products to be private and secure enough for messaging.


That is a very large leap to assume from the leaked data. IIUC the leaked data just says that there was a Signal account associated to his phone number. It could have been one friend or journalist that he wanted to talk to. He may have signed up to see what it is all about. As far as I am aware there is no evidence that he was a significant user, or that he prefers it over his own messaging apps.

I’m not saying that FB apps are trustworthy, but I honestly would have been more surprised if he didn’t have a signal account.


In addition they contracted the creator of Signal to implement e2ee in WhatsApp some years ago, so it is likely that this is related.


stop assuming that creators always use their own products. he probably has everything because people are on different platforms.


Like Steve Jobs using Android instead iphone still wounder why ?

Like Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei using iPhone? Why? Probably because in your and my cited cases, they want to know rivals’ strategies.

Zuckerberg is a totally different case.

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